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Morning Clicks

Tommy Wells for Mayor campaign about to launch. [Post]

Anti-school closure protesters target Vince Gray's house. [Fox5]

David Catania calls Vincent Orange's robust advocacy for a rat-infested grocery store "totally bizarre." [Post]

Orange gives himself a pat on the back for a "job well done." [@VincentOrangeDC]

School closings don't save much money, report finds. [Examiner]

Did Michelle Rhee's trusted adviser tell her way back when he suspected cheating on test scores? [Taking Note]

Mark Plotkin is "elated" that president will be putting "taxation" plates on limo. [Fox5]

Cathy Lanier says NBC "dodged a bullet." [Post]

Homelessness affecting families. [Examiner]



  • Scotch

    Truly is amazing how many lazy reporters just re-write DCFPI's press release as an actual news story.

  • Really?

    So Tommy thinks he has a shot? What's interesting seems to be like the "other" old guard is rearing their heads Kathy Patterson is work with former loose lips gal and I'm sure Sharon Ambrose is wrking with lil Tommy!

  • drez

    Have to agree with Scotch.
    It's like the Washington Times citing an NRA study saying that guns have nothing to do with gun violence.

  • StrangeFruit

    Wells ain't got a chance in hell of winning the Black vote! He has pissed on too many Black activists who will not be quiet about Wells' legislative record on issues that directly impact DC's Black community.

    FYI, to Wells' Community of the Delusional --- Wells can't win without the Black vote and Daddy Grace's peep in Ward 6, who Wells is now courting, won't equate to diddly squat when the ballots are counted.

  • StrangeFruit


    FYI - Wells' Committee of the Delusional...

  • TheContrarianOne

    Snowball stands a better chance in hell than Tommy Wells becoming Mayor.