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Adrian Fenty Separating From Wife

Ex-Mayor Adrian Fenty has told friends he and his wife, Michelle Fenty, are separating, people familiar with the situation (including one source close to the former mayor) tell LL.

Michelle Fenty, who took a job in Trinidad and Tobago last year with the Inter-American Development Bank, remained mostly out of the spotlight during her husband's four-year term. She made a rare, tearful appearance late during the 2010 Democratic primary campaign to defend his record.

Since leaving office two years ago, Adrian Fenty has stayed out of local politics while working for a half-dozen different companies. He did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Newstome

    Sorry to hear about their marriage dissolving.Interesting how differently people see things. My children attended school with his boys and according to the grapevine - he was the primary parent and nobody ever saw the mother only Fenty and his parents. His so-called long and suffering wife was M.I.A. But hey you never know....They both seemed pretty rude and pompous to me, and his children were not very well behaved. But during his time as mayor the city operated excellently and all of the renovations to the schools and community centers look great. As far as I am concerned he wasn't half as embarrassing the mayor we got now.

  • Jane Bernstein


    The city did not operate excellently while Fenty was mayor!!!! Where did you get that notion----as it is a lie. The city operate with many employees afraid to do their jobs because Fenty creates an atmosphere of punishment and not team spiritness; which resulted chaos and confusion at all agency levels. As it relates to the renovation of the schools and recreations centers. That program was initiated by former Mayor Anthony Williams----and NOT FENTY!!

  • SaveWard7

    I am so happy for hi wife!! Most wife beaters are downlow creeps!! This city did not run well at all while he was mayor!!

  • truth hurts

    It's easy to identify those who harbor mean-spirited, personal hatred of Fenty. Look at the commenters with multiple posts on this blog. In tenor and content, they cross the line of decency in a manner comparable to what tea party bat shit crazy haters do to our president.

    Try a bit of civility. Have some dignity. Or don't -- it's a free country.


    Today, former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was charged with 21 indictments for corruption. The former D.C. Mayor Adrain M. Fenty may get the same treatment in the future. Most politicians are corrupt, liars, and self serving.



    Former Mayor Ray Nagin and Former Mayor Adrian Fenty look similar, as if they could be brothers. Maybe it's the bald heads and being light skin Negroes. LOL

  • biasedmuch?

    Too bad they are separating...maybe they will get back together. But I have to say. That the majority of comments demonizing Fenty are clearly from bitter haters. I noticed that there are a few comments that resonate with my experience with the family...the wife was rude and only came out in support when a long designer gown was required, the husband seemed like a loving dad, but frustrated by having to run a city and household alone. Now, I will admit he didn't have the best people skills, maybe borderline autistic, but I don't believe he ever abused anybody. My granny helped on his first campaign and when she attended the inauguration she was in her seat and a band of Jamaican Bush People (by way of Brooklyn) accosted her demanding her seat because they were the wife's family...those ignorant bullies certainly wouldn't allow her to be abused...and all this talk of corruption - that's just you "haters" wishful thinking. I'm sure both the husband and the wife will land on their feet. Empathy for the kids - I remember when my parents divorced I was lost.

  • mizwillis

    Interesting Comment.

    This Michelle bashing is much more disturbing than the Adrian bashing. As the public figure, he is fodder for the mill and fair game; she on the other hand has become collateral damage.

    The first time and only time I had direct contact with Mrs. Fenty was at a recreation center event in the summer of 2006. She was in a crowd of people leaving the building and she stopped to chat it up with someone just short of the door, blocking all egress. She talked for a few minutes and we wondered why people didn't just move around her or protest. She was preening and obviously self-centered. So I agree with some of the descriptions of Ms. Michelle.

    Not being privy to her parenting skills (nor his), I can at least understand where the grandparents might play a role in helping to raise the kids.

    Now with my two cents in, I think I'm going to follow the lead of another blogger here who said he/she was staying out of it. THIS REALLY IS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS ANYMORE FOLKS. THE FENTY'S ARE NO LONGER PUBLIC FIGURES AND WE ARE BEING VOYEURISTIC (?).

    I also have to say that regarding the alleged inside information from the ones who profess to know about the family: WITH FRIENDS LIKE THOSE, WHO NEEDS ENEMIES???????

  • zazzabas


    W T F are you talking about? No one has bashed Michelle Fenty! Mostly, we all feel sorry for her and are happy that she has had the strength to move on.

    And, as it relates to your statement "With Friends Like Those, Who Needs Enemies." No on on this blog stated that they were Friends of the Fenty family! So again, W T F are you talking about?!!! Neighbors often know whats is going on in another neighbors house----that is not to say that they have to be friends to know this information.

  • lilthomas

    All I have to say is birds of a feather flock together. How can you all call him evil and yet the wife is some innocent victim. Like attracts like. Only people that are innocent are the children...and in all fairness to Fenty I think that it was very intelligent to continue on with the plans of Mayor Williams (Fenty didn't beat Williams - Williams didn't run) and by taking on the DCPS Fenty actually stood up for the children (who unfortunately in our democracy aren't old enough to have a voice)and his desire to do what was in the best interest of the children and not the longstanding bureaucracy is why he isn't mayor today.
    If he was CEO of some major corporation and cut out the lifesucking fat his management style would be applauded...in public life in a severally dysfunctional city -- not so much.

  • New Resident of DC


  • lilthomas

    New REsident: I never said he was successful...He didn't have the time to be... as he was run out of office by the bureaucracy he threatened. And there is no need to hollar...as he cannot be held responsible for the kids scores because NEWSFLASH - HE IS NO LONGER MAYOR...obviously you are a product our illustrious public school system...good day genius!

  • 5thgenDCNatv

    lilthomas you sound like you been drinking the koolaid. Fenty has left behind a mess in DCPS. BELIEVE THAT!!

    As for the under-qualified chief Lanier.....does she still get to keep that job?? ;-)

  • mizwillis

    to the z'zzzzz:

    Did you read all of the comments? Obviously you didn't.
    Sorry I probably won't have time to get back to see if you responded. But this entire sordid mess is so passe.

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  • ros

    Biasedmuch- Jamaican Bush People? And you don't have bush people in America? You are a joke!

  • Amanda Broadnax

    Fenty is satan and believe me I would know