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Morning Clicks

Mary Cheh and Phil Mendelson headed to White House today to talk license plates. [Fox5]

New ethics board: D.C.'s current code of conduct rules are "absurd." [Examiner]

Speed camera revenues more than double in 2012. [Times]

Jonetta: Statehood efforts have so far been ridiculous. [Examiner]

No flu epidemic in D.C. ... yet, says Vince Gray. [Post]

  • WasteofTime

    So glad that the elected members of the Council and the WH think that a flipping license plate actually need a meeting to discuss. Seriously? What is unemployment in DC among the minority community? Juvenile justice system "working perfectly"? Yes I get it our autonomy is "at stake" but there are slightly BIGGER things to ask of the President than a license plate...

    Solid leadership demonstrated by our Council Chairman!

  • RealDC


    You are having a meeting with POTUS and you want to talk about "tags"?? ... Absurd on any level.

    DC NEEDS NEW LEADERSHIP NOW! Mayor, Council Chair, Congressman, entire City Council needs to go. And the new Mayor should not come from the council!

    Mendo & Cheh: " Ahh, Mr President, can you put, ah, new, ah, tags, eh, on your limo?"
    President: "Say, what?"
    Mendo & Cheh: "License plates, eh,eh, on your ride, limo, you know, pimp your ride with DC plates, no taxation without representation plates".
    President: "Really?" We have a meeting and this is what you want to talk about?
    Mendo & Cheh: "Yeah, what ya say homey?"
    President: "GTFOH"

    Folks want to say the "Vista Hotel" was embarrassing.... The Council Chair is leading this meeting.... and he is sober???

  • WasteofTime

    I know some idiot will get on here and say that "budget autonomy" and "Congressional Representation" are solve-alls for everything else that ails DC but hate to tell you that until the current class of jokers hangs up their uniforms the DC City Council will never be respected on the federal level.

  • nowaitadaminit

    @#2: They had a meeting at the White House, but it was NOT with POTUS.