Loose Lips

Morning Clicks

Irv Nathan: The District mustn't risk displeasing its congressional overlords with a budget autonomy referendum. [Times]

Jack Evans and Marion Barry want the Pigskins to play in a domed D.C. stadium. [Post]

Phil Mendelson doesn't know if he'll support mayor's plan for more cops. [Post]

Jonetta: Mendo has a "history of timidity" and low expectations that will require greater public involvement in civic affairs. [Examiner]

"You know, they cheat on their tests,” principal says teacher told her. [Post]

It is hard to collect signatures in the winter. [WAMU]

Donald Trump looking to cut his District tax bill. [WBJ]


  • ToTheContrary

    I think that Irve Nathan is just facing the reality that the District needs to take a strategic pathway to budgetary autonomy that doesn't include biting the hand that, right now, feeds us.

  • TheContrarianOne

    Irv Nathan simply wants the District to take two steps forward for every one backward. Pissing off petulant House Republicans will only make it harder for the city to achieve budgetary autonomy.