Loose Lips

Morning Clicks

New York Times profiles Eric Payne, the man in the middle of the lottery contract imbroglio. [NYTimes]

Payne's adversary, Nat Gandhi, gets his own profile in the Post, albeit with no mention of the word "lottery." [Post]

Colby King predicts the feds will force two elected officials to resign and Nat Gandhi will quit too. [Post]

U.S. Attorney Ron Machen is moving back to Silver Spring, says he has no plans to resign. [Post]

MPD says city's speed camera program is unfair. [Times]

David Grosso to be sworn in today, rundown of new committee assignments. [Examiner]

Ron Moten says Grand Theft Auto video games make kids to violent things. [Post]

2013 starts as 2012 did, with Vince Gray under federal investigation. [Examiner]

Police Chief Cathy Lanier closes 15 bars in 2012. [Post]

Barack Obama could be a better friend to the District. [Examiner]

Barbara Lett Simmons, former school board members, dies. [Post]

D.C. homicide rate lowest its been since 1963. [Homicide Watch]

DCPS parents putting together pitches to prevent their schools from closing. [Post]

"A former D.C. police officer who was twice fired after being observed in the company of a transvestite prostitute has been reinstated." [Examiner]

  • Scotch

    The Post's "profile" on Gandhi was a joke. To call it a softball interview would be an insult to the game of softball.

  • truth hurts

    LL, why no mention of the Redskins spanking your cowgirls? Happy New Year!

  • drez

    MPD says city's speed camera program is unfair
    Um, no they don't. One disgruntled officer (who was transferred out of the program and who got busted doing 11-15 over the speed limit in a construction zone) does.
    And he got his ticket overturned on a technicality- not on the merits. Money quote:

    Yet Sgt. Robinson’s ticket and the police department’s photo-radar log showed the speed limit in the tunnel as 45 mph. So, based on the discrepancy between that and the posted — or absolute — speed limit of 40 mph, veteran DMV Hearing Examiner Matthew Uzukwu dismissed Sgt. Robinson’s citation on Dec. 3

  • RealDC

    It is time to for Gandhi and crew to go!!

  • nowaitadaminit

    The former prosecutor says: 'These people need to suffer....' Excuse me, but suppose a jury determines that 'those people' were not guilty of the crimes they haven't been charged with?

    Was it that former prosecutor who had his ass kicked by a DC jury over the Marion Barry mess?

  • mizwillis

    Unfortunately, if he is true to his word, always doing the right thing is not paying off for Mr. Payne. Usually karmic debts are paid in one form or another.

    It is very sad to hear such hardluck stories and see the public downfall of a once prosperous and seemingly smart Black Man.

    It is also obvious that Mr. Payne had no choice but to go after his employers. He should be ever mindful of the fact that as his possible legal fees grow his financial situation could become even worse. Why is it that he cannot get another job? Those are the types of karmic debt of which I speak.

    If I were on a jury deciding this case, I would keep all of that in mind. He should hope that DC offers a settlement which I doubt they will do. All the city has to do is drag this thing out and even his contingency plan lawyer with no secretary will have to leave him at the mercy of the people he shares the box filled townhouse with.

    It is a really sad story for his wife, children and of course the unborn child. I don't wish to come to his aid with taxpayer dollars, but I do wish the family well in the form of a new job or something.