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Michael Brown Is Running for D.C. Council

Michael Brown is Running for D.C. Council

Though he says he's saving an official announcement until after he's collected the necessary 3,000 valid signatures to get on the ballot, ex-D.C. Councilmember Michael Brown wants his old job back.

Brown switched back to being a Democrat and picked up petitions today to be on the April 23 ballot for an at-large Council seat. He had petition gatherers stationed outside the convention center this morning, where several councilmembers were sworn in. Among them: Councilmember David Grosso, who beat Brown in November's election.

Brown says he's planning on running a much more invigorated campaign than his last rather listless effort. Two reason for this, Brown says: 1) A large chunk of his campaign funds won't be stolen, which is what he says happened last time. 2) He'll be putting together a "second to none" campaign team that includes operatives from various presidential campaigns, including from President Barack Obama's campaigns, who weren't available during the last race and whose services Brown wouldn't have been able to afford in any event. Brown declined to give names, but said these operatives are well-known in Democratic political circles.

"A lot of folks are very happy," Brown says of his decision to run and his switch back to the Democratic Party. (Brown, the son of former Democratic National Committee Chairman Ron Brown, switched to being an independent in 2008 in order to facilitate winning an at-large seat effectively set aside for non-Democrats.)

Not likely to be one of those happy folks: newly appointed Councilmember Anita Bonds, who is also running in the April race. "I hope he does not run," Bonds said in November.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • ToTheContrary

    Too funny. I predict a Republican will take this seat considering so many Democrats will split the liberal vote.

  • Adam

    He barely ran last time; low fundraising, no community organization; City Paper even speculated the day after that he didn't even want to be re-elected. I doubt we'll see him back on council barring some unexpected vacancies.

  • Typical DC BS

    We can only hope the mental midgets in DC don't elect this lump of crap again.

  • tntdc

    Getting 3K valid signatures in January a big "If".

  • Scotch

    If he couldn't afford the big-name campaign team when he actually had money, how's he going to afford them now when he has no campaign money?

  • Cory

    Looks to me like this increases Mara's chances of winning the seat. Anita Bonds has to be angry right now.

  • tony

    Michael Brown, Anita Bonds, and AJ Cooper are vying for the same base. So, what do you think will happen? Yes, they will split the black vote. Again.

    Man, we will never learn.

    This shit is laughable............

  • ward4rez

    He can't accept that the voters don't want him.

  • tony

    Anita Bonds only chance at winning is to make both Brown and Copper unattractive alternatives. Unfortunately, she really has to attack both of them. Her attacks have to be almost crippling.

    This is politics.Nothing personal.

  • nowaitadaminit

    Anita Bonds will do just FINE, thank you very much.
    She is DOING something about the situation most of you just sit around and complain about. She is looking for solutions to the problems, not bitchin' about the problems.

    If she was the wind beneath Marion Barry's wings, she will definitely soar on her own.


    You go Lady/Girl!!!!!!

  • noodlez


    JUST SAYIN??????


  • jim jones

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  • Watchdog

    Michael Brown should go out and get a real job. Wait, wait, he's a lawyer.....yet where is his experience? No wonder he's seeking political office again, he's in his fantasy world that the city just can't live without him.

    DC to Michael Brown: Yes We Can!

  • Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr

    Anita Bonds and Michael Brown won't do anything to support affordable housing and minority contracts in DC. Brown is ineffective and has ethical financial issues. Anita Bond's is a wasted vote for Black voters - most of these Black politicians today have lost their self awareness, ethical values and sense of community.Brown and Bonds won't get my vote.

  • Welllllllll!!!!!

    What da fuck is wit da Mahdi, Leroy?
    A illusion of grandeur or sumpin'?
    It is also quite obvious you have absolutely NO insight.
    And they probably wouldn't give you their vote either.
    Just Sayin'.

  • DC Guy

    I tend to agree, Cooper, Bonds and Brown will be splitting one set of votes; Silverman, Mara and Frumin will split another set of votes, but it will likely be enough for Mara to win, assuming republicans show up.

  • Jes’ sayin’

    So Brown was a Democrat. Ran and got elected as an "Independent." And now, he's back as a Democrat.

    I guess that makes him Transpartisan.

    It took us long enough to get used to transgender people. Now we have to get used to transpartisans.

  • tony

    @nowaitadaminit, my friend, I still have a great deal of respect for you and many others on this blog who fight for social and poitical justice for black folks. Thats a good thing.

    However, I don't believe that our black politicians in this town hear our cry for political and social justice. And its only by applying pressure on these black politicians could we as the black community ever get the sort of representation that will make our community whole.

    In referenced to Mayor Gray. He is a good man with great potential and my support for him has not wavered. But, as I told him personally, I would like to see his adminstration take a more aggressive approach in dealing with the serious issues facing the black community. Of course, he made no promises, but I get the sense that he got the message.

    Lastly, I have never received a government contract. I made my money selling real estate with a focus on black single mothers searching for the America dream.

    BTW, that new black political blog we talked about on this blog will be in operation in 2 weeks. It should be interesting.

  • Bill

    Mara will have trouble getting elected because he is a republican and those folks are not popular in this town. He also offers nothing new, he ran for office before and was not elected. Mara is from that great corrupt state of Rhode Island where I am from and where state politics are a big joke. DC does not need this man who is all about pushing his career forward, just all about himself.


    This D.C. voter will not be voting for Michael Brown. Brown is a loser who made a name off his deceased father from the Clinton Administration.

  • CityRez


  • StrangeFruit

    @ tony

    Hell yeah to the black political blog! I'm elated you decided to create a medium for us to counter City Paper's race-baiting BS. I will definitely be one of your top commenters.

  • ward4rez

    I too look forward to Tony's blog, especially since CP does its selective moderation of comments

  • tony

    @StrangeFruit, man, the way you and brother Noddlez and others write, I be willing to pay for daily columns. I know talent when I see it.


    Tony keep an ole man posted on your blog.
    I look forward to including it in my daily routine.
    Things get kinda boring when you retire, get tired of flyin' around and dealing with TSA.
    After a while, you look around and even your grandkids have grown up.

    Course there is that seasoned honey around the corner, but her grandkids would be SHOCKED. They're still young enough to enjoy spending time with her. So we have to pace ourselves.


  • Mike Madden

    @ ward4rez:

    Our comment moderation, as I've explained here nearly every two weeks for the last two years, is entirely automated. I don't know what in your comments caused WordPress to flag it for moderation, but it did; we have a small staff, and no one dedicated to clearing the moderation queue full time. So sometimes comments sit for a while. For the most part, though, once someone can get to them, they're posted.

  • ward4rez

    I don't visit this site every two weeks or look for your comments, so I missed your repeated explanations.

  • Drez

    Lol And yet you felt personally aggrieved.

  • ward4rez

    @Drez...No, I'm not a CP groupie and yes, I had an issue with the moderation because I didn't know the protocol...now exactly what is your point?

  • nowaitadaminit

    Ward4rez: Drez rarely (sometimes,but rarely) has a point. LL is his security blanket or his port in a perceived storm. He takes this shit much to seriously to be able to maintain objectivity.

    And by the way, check out the Tony blog in a couple of weeks.

  • drez

    The point was that in a big (really big, regardless of how very small DC is) world, not every impediment or frustration is personal.
    It's just not good to jump to negative conclusions so quickly. That's all.

  • ward4rez

    @nowwait... I see what you mean. Nobody was addressing him, but he felt compelled to take it personally.

    Is Tony going to provide a link for the blog? I know a few people who have worked long & hard in this city to improve their communities, and I'm sure they would be interested in reading and contributing to the dialogue.

  • drez

    ...now exactly what is your point?
    LOL So... you're saying you're nobody?
    Now, I'm not a trained psychologist, but maybe your misplaced sense of personal aggrievement comes from some sort of low self esteem issue?

  • ward4rez

    LOL!!...The more you respond and split hairs the more you make yourself appear to be "aggrieved". You're doing an excellent job of proving nowait's point.

    Carry on high-minded troll. When the grownups return to the forum, hopefully we will hear more about Tony's blog which promises to be interesting.

  • nowaitadaminit

    Dear Nobody, Opps, I mean ward4rez:

    Somebody asked Tony to make sure we know about his blog.
    He said a couple of weeks. Think LL will let him tell us about it? Maybe he can get it in through a comment since LL/MM doesn't intentionally place comments in moderation.

    That damn moderation has a mind of it's own, doesn't it?
    Lost some of my best shit because of that censor. Too bad because some of it would have hit home for certain azzholes.

  • ward4rez

    Thanks Hey You, (OOps!!) I mean nowait.

    And more thanks to Somebody for looking out for Anybody who wants to check out the blog.

  • Alf

    Some friends use a handy, dandy useful guide when they go into a voting booth and wade through all the politicos running for DC offices: If one is concerned about ethics in government, don't vote for anybody whose surname is a color -- Gray, Orange or Brown.

  • Alf

    This pro-Obama Democrat is solidly pro-Mara. And I'll bet a lot of like-minded folks who value accountability and transparency in DC government will back him, too. It's time to say goodbye to the old Barry era "to the victors belong the spoils" ethic (not "ethics"!) among many of the DC Council members. If we stick together, common sense can prevail.