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Officials keep pushing back the date in which they might explain what happened to the $4 million in financial irregularities at Jeff Thompson's Medicaid company. [WBJ]

David Catania is "so excited" to be leading the city's education committee. Tommy Wells is the new judiciary committee boss. [Post]

Muriel Bowser now boss of economic development committee, making her the development community's new best friend. [WBJ]

Yvette Alexander is new health committee chairman, which may impact the forthcoming health insurance exchange. [WBJ]

DCPS food contract is an "abomination" that is way over budget. [Examiner]

Fired UDC president Allen Sessoms isn't going without a fight, wants his $295,000-a-year salary. [Post]

Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown starts a consulting firm. [Post]


  • name

    Great, the guy who screwed up DYRS and allowed 2000+ convicted youths to roam the streets unaccounted for and supported the New Beginnings (Same Endings) treatment center is going to be in charge of safety.

    Thank god we can all still have guns.

  • Drez

    DYRS has been screwed up forever. No one "guy" did that.
    Despite increased attention paid to it over the past years, DYRS, like the city at large, is actually functioning better than it used to.
    But it will always be an unsatisfactory mess. That's the nature of the game given the competing priorities our divided electorate mandates that it pursue.

  • SaveWard7

    Okay, now who are they going to hire to "read" and "explain" to stupid girl alexander the required legislations and guidance in support of the health insurance exchange??!!!

  • Charlie


    To answer your question, that's why they have committee staff.

  • nowaitadaminit

    Damn, Drez said ".....the city at large, is actually functioning better than it use to."??????

    May the Saints Preserve Us.
    Did he believe the Mayan prophecy and thought he needed to prepare to meet his maker?

    Or has he been in his cups. That could be it because the end of the comment is a bit ah...je ne sais quoi....

  • truth hurts

    A frequent commenter on here is oddly obsessed with virtually all posts by another frequent commenter.

    Beware of cyber-stalkers.

  • RealDC

    Mendelson, the hardest working most mediocre council member ever will be even less spectacular as the chair. Geez.

    To let Graham keep the alcohol agency under his watch is horse crap. Graham is under how many investigations? Reports have concluded he "has been unethical" and more but Mendo wants to keep "continuity"?? Mendo, needs to get real and grow a pair. Outside of McDuffie and Bonds this is the same council that voted to censure and strip Barry of his committee chair for sharing an earmark of $1200 WITH HIS "GIRLFRIEND" BUT THEY REFUSED TO ADDRESSED GRAHAM AND HIS DRAMA! Why is that???

    Wells, held hearings on "Navigator Gate" but nothing on Graham?

    How about Cheh, where is your call for his resignation? Catania? Bowser? As I recall, you three called for the Mayor to "resign" after folks around him plead guilty. But Graham is implicated in 2 questionable situations and nothing from the "Law and Order members? YOUR SILENCE IS DEAFENING!!

    Graham keeps "the booze" committee and Evans keep " the money" committee. Because the "Man" is not giving up control over those 2 committees to black folks, oh hell NO! But they will give the economic development committee to a "brother or a sista" because its dummy proof and they can play "Trump". They will not really get anything done but they can be manipulated by the establishment. Look at the last 3 so called "powerful" economic development committee chairs. Kwame Brown, Harry Thomas, Michael Brown, case closed. For some, literally. Come 2013, all 3 will not be in the council. So Mendo puts another "dummy" over the so called "powerful" economic development committee, right. The new chair has how much business experience? Zero. Her capacity is very limited. And she "loves corporate campaign money" too. The developers are laughing "like a witch in a broom factory".-GEICO

    So black council members cannot chair the finance & revenue committee and alcohol, why is that??

    For Real!

  • ward4rez

    @RealDC..Yep...metaphorically speaking, the world ended (again) in DC on 12/21. Bowser as Chair of that committee is laughable. She has a heavy purse full of developers' dollars, but if her work as an ANC and Ward 4 CM is any indication, I think she will be in over her head.

  • RealDC

    @ward4rez- Yes, she has always been in over her head. She is part of the Fenty legacy that won't go away. His machine put their arms around her and Ward 4 has suffered ever since. See the ward 4 schools, Georgia Ave, crime, unemployment, power outages, voting to taxing seniors on their retirement, etc. This has been miserable and painful watching her operate for the last 5 years. Her office staff is incompetent as they come.

    But the DC Chamber and the developers love the fact that she is chair of this committee. She is a broke pol and she needs all the money that they are willing to give. This will not bode well for ward 4!!

    For Real!

  • nowaitadaminit

    Like the pot calling the kettle black, th?
    Careful, your lack of insight is showing.
    Oddly enough Drez ain't bothered.
    Why are you????

    Maybe it's because Drez seems to be GAINING a little insight and realizing what is really going on in the media.

    Stick around. You too might wake up and smell the coffee on day. NOT!!!!!!

  • tony

    @RealDC, you are right on point. But, just wait until David Grosso takes office and the council is majority white. All those blacks who cheered Mendo's rise and shrugged their shoulders at the idea of a white dominated council will see what its like to live under white rule.

    I and others cautioned the black community about what was going on. Now, they will see. I still say that the east of the river community will suffer rhe most because of ineffective and weak black leadership not including Mr. Barry.

    David Catania is going to give that black chancellor of schools hell.

    The black community must ensure that Anita Bonds is elected in the special election and prepare highly successful black professionals with strong grass-roots backgrounds to challenge David Catania and Jim Graham in the next election cycle.

    Simply put, we got to take out city back!

  • Drez

    nowait etc
    I don't respond to you because your comments aren't insightful enough that it's worth my time to spell your screen name. Really. You're just not worth the effort and, please, feel free to think the same of me. Thanks.

  • nowaitadaminit

    Aha, and another insight challenged asshole heard from.
    "I don't respond to you because......".
    If that isn't a response what is it?
    See sometimes your ignorant remarks beg for difference.
    And just as I should 'feel free to think the same of you',
    do likewise and take the time and effort to do what you just said you don't do (You know: respond to me?) anytime you like.

    You and th always prove my points though I must admit your split personalities make you like a clock; not correct twice a day, but sometimes.......!

    And I do so enjoy egging you on. We all have our frailties. Now lets get busy and take our passtime seriously. You two are beginning to bore me.

  • Sally

    tony's posts are entertaining.

  • cutthecrap

    @Drez and nowait...bitch azz cat fight. Don't ever want to hear the two of you questioning anyone's sexuality after what you two have posted.

  • SaveWard7

    @Charlie, obviously you must be one of stupid girls committee staffers. Now, put down your drink and go hire someone to read and explain to her what she needs to do. Please make sure the new hiree is not a new party person for her to play with!! Everyone knows how much she likes to PARTY!!!!

  • cutthecrap

    @SaveWard7...you must one of those "also ran" who lost to CM Alexander. Bitterness never gets you want you want or need. Ward 7 needs a mature voice not only from her but from you too. Time to grow up.

    BTW...how do you know how much she parties???