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Morning Clicks

Did OCFO employees turn a blind eye to possible wrongdoing on lottery contract? [Post]

Vince Gray spokesman on Mary Cheh: "The woman is obviously confused." [Examiner]

Former Wilson High School cheerleading coach must register as sex offender after having student's baby. [Examiner]

Three little-known agency heads have their own chauffeurs. [Examiner]

Board of ethics "may also want to address the ethical risks inherent in allowing a legislative body to play a role in a sensitive area such as contracting." [Post]

Gray remembers Lawrence Guyot. [Post]

D.C. pols don't like reforming campaign finance laws. [Post]

Gray against plan to reimburse Bloomingdale and LeDroit Park flood victims. [Post]

Tim Day doesn't like DCGOP [Examiner]


  • nowaitadaminit

    If Mary Cheh ever bothered to visit some Wards other than 3, she would find out how difficult it is to travel between them on a daily basis to do business.

    Isn't there something else she should be doing over there?
    Like maybe studying up on whther or not people are guilty of crimes before being charged, indicted or tried?