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Morning Clicks

Nat Gandhi stays mum on lottery contract; Jim Graham says he's an innocent victim; David Catania makes both Nixon and Napoleon references when talking about CFO's office. [Post, Examiner]

Ron Machen on Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown's 2008 campaign: "There’s a real difference between not being criminally charged versus running a campaign properly." [Post]

Mayoral hopefuls Muriel Bowser and Jack Evans spend big to win no-contest contests. [Post]

Bedbuds at a fire station. [Times]

Evans says he doesn't have that "crazy feeling that Nat Gandhi should resign." [Examiner]

Sekou Biddle might run in special election. [DCist]

Streetcars coming, soonish. [DCist]

Wrongfully convicted D.C. man needs help. [Post]

Mary Cheh pushes stalled proposal to ban money orders. [DCist]

  • Drez

    Bedbuds at a fire station.
    Sounds like a cliche porn title.

  • ward4rez

    Bowser's spending all of that money to bolster her profile citywide, but she selectively represents a segment of her ward constituency.

  • nowaitadaminit

    Maybe that bill Marion Barry is trying to get passed should take into account the vast and egregious problems surrounding those our illustrious prosecutors have put in jail for being a poor Black man in America for the most part. Not saying there are no female and/or White victims of this mis-carriage of justice, but there are many more Black men caught up in this nightmare than any other demographic.

    If the zeal to correct their violations of these peoples' rights was a strong as the desire to lock em up for as long as possible, the victims of such attrocities would be made whole much more quickly.

  • Lester

    Jack Evans and Gandhi both need to go. His lack of oversight has enabled the corruption in OCTO to continue. Makes one wonder what Gandhi has on Jack. Lots I bet. Jack's too busy going to ball games and working at Patton Boggs to keep an eye of Gandhi's operation.

  • RealDC

    Really Bididdle, again? LOL. He just does not get it, he ran a crappy, lazy campaign last time. What is he going to do different this time?

    The only thing worst than the current council is same old, tired, lame fools that keep running for office and losing. Geez..... just go away.

    Bididdle, please spare us!

  • joan

    Biddle ran an excellent campaign last time. You must be reminded that they came very close to winning it. And the results of that election was that the same old crooked fool,I'm the best crook, I'm the greatest crook, keeps winning.

    Yes, please spare us this election!