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Courtland Milloy says The Plan is real in Ivy City, quotes 12-year-old boy: "Most of the money is being spent on bike lanes when we could use it over here for job training.” [Post]

War of words between Marion Barry and D.C. Chamber of Commerce continues. [WBJ]

Harry Jaffe: Feds coming up short in Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown's campaign finance investigation. [Examiner]

Admitted destroyer-of-payment-records-to-Sulaimon Brown and de facto Gray campaign treasurer Thomas Gore has status hearing scheduled today. [Examiner]

Lawyer to run on pot-legalization platform in at-large race. Phil Mendelson sounds scared of even talking about legalization. [Post]

Councilmembers want one solid color for cabs, dammit. [Post]

D.C. Center for the LGBT Community gets Reeves Center lease, Vince Gray appoints Sterling Washington new director for Office of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Affairs. [Post]

MLK memorial will no longer have "drum major" quote. [Times]

Office of Human Rights' workload focused on employment disputes. [DCist]

Gray annouces grant money for Walter Reed businesses. [Post]

  • RealDC

    Barry is a piece of work and I have disagreed with him over the years but his offender bill is on point.

    The DC Chamber of Clowns and their letters are getting ridiculous by the day. You got the outgoing chair and incoming chair sending notes that support a weak bill that is not worth the paper it is written on. This outfit is poorly run and lacks any kind of leadership. Ms. Lang has been a disaster as its leader.

    What has the DC Chamber of Clowns accomplished over last 5 years? Seriously, can anyone speak to that? Please pull back the curtain and tell me something good. I see their "stage show" and the political clout they have over our "money" hungry council members, but what is the PURPOSE of the chamber??

  • Burnt Orange

    Isn't the problem that the CoC is a political organization?

  • name

    Why is someone seriously interviewing a 12 year old boy? He's getting all the job training he needs if he's going to school and getting all A's and B's.

  • nowaitadaminit

    name you are a dumb ass mofo. The fact that the kid is able to articulate the point speaks volumes about his ability to discern racism when he sees it.

    Can you read? He didn't say job training for himself, he said job training 'over here.'

    You on the other hand have the disgusting need to find fault with anything you presume is not for what you consider important.

    Can't you read???? The kid didn't say he needed job training for himself, he said job training 'over here.'
    And what pray tell, would be wrong if he DID want job training for himself? I think that would be a sign of thinking ahead and planning for what in the USofA is a dismal future. Especially if he is a Young, Black Male of the endangered species in America.

    Shit...they can't even wear a hoodie or listen to their obnoxious loud music without gettin' shot and KILLED by some other ignorant mofos like you.

  • DC

    I don't know: "Waiter can we have some service over here" sounds like someone who wants a waiter to come over to their table specifically, not their part of the restaurant generally.

    Regardless, this kid is right. Getting job training "over here" should be a priority. But he's just plain wrong to say "most of the money" is being spent on bike lanes. It's not his fault for being wrong on this point, but Milloy is being really irresponsible in not pointing that out in his column. It would be like some Fox News reporter getting a quote from some rural 12 year old who was repeating some incorrect talking point he heard on talk radio about the reason we have a deficit is welfare queens. The Fox News reporter should either ignore the quote, or report it by couching it in a statement that actually, no, the deficit is not caused by imaginary welfare queens. Milloy should have done the same.

    If getting more job training "over here" is the goal (and it should be) maybe Milloy should spend less time perpetuating folk myths, and more time digging into why the city spends $100 million on workforce development but gets so little in return.

  • name



    The kid's parroting the same BS his parents and the rest of the lazy no account slobs talk about. He doesn't know is head from his feet. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on job training in DC and virtually no one takes advantage of it. You can't train people to take a job if they're not willing to give up the check and the booze.

    There's a vocationa tech school IN THEIR NEIGHBORHOOD and I guarantee half the people have no clue.

  • tony

    I understand that there's a rally being planned concerning the schools closure proposal. I have a strong feeling that there are going to be alot more rallies in this city within the next few weeks.

  • nowaitadaminit

    Name, you're proving my points.
    Is your last name Calling?
    Why do you assume his parents are 'no account slobs'?
    How do you know he puts his socks on his hands and his gloves on his feet?

    I know quite a few people who have been able to get gainful employment because of one or another training program. Some now make as much as a recent college grad.

    And how can you clump all 'people' into the group of welfare cheats and boozers?

    Have you checked the stats about who does and who does not take advantage of job training in 12 y/o's hood?

    Have you checked the stats to see who did and did not attend the job training classes?

    I doubt it seriousely. But of course stats don't mean a thing to you. All you want to do is NAME call.

    And another thing, how do you know the kid's GPA?


    There's a serious race relation problem in the District between blacks and whites. There need to be an honest open dicussion on race and stop coming on blogs anonymous saying how you truly feel in your heart about black people. I am finding many so called white progressives in the District to be as racist as whites in Mississippi or Alabama.