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Meet the new boss: Anita Bonds. [Post]

Why didn't top officials do anything with 2008 report saying Jim Graham engaged in questionable behavior on lottery contract? [Examiner]

Yvette Alexander says Ron Moten is behind false allegations regarding lottery contract; Moten says that's false. [Post]

Muriel Bowser rips elections boss for showing up to council hearing unprepared. [Examiner]

Cherrie Doggett rips Marion Barry for ripping Barbara Lang. [WBJ]

Suspect in Metro bus shooting dead of an apparent suicide. [Times]

  • nowaitadaminit

    Wonder how much interaction there was between the Doggett Empire and Marion Barry when he was Mayor?

  • nowaitadaminit

    For some odd reason, this time I believe Ron Moten...kinda. Maybe his Republican cohorts, but not him personally, dun it.

    WW? Who would believe anything he says? He's probably wired up trying to avoid the fate of Howard Brooks, etal.
    They're all cut from the same cloth, you know.

  • lmao x 10

    The DC Council should be a reality tv series. All these clowns have drama, and it seems like the city can never get things on the right track because of all these situations smh

  • RealDC

    Cherrie Doggett, does she even live in DC? What has she done, besides be born into the Doggett family? Just thank your daddy or grand daddy for what they accomplished so you can benefit and live the life you have. Don't get cute and open your mouth to support the DC Chambers Diva. She was wrong and so was Mendelson's weak bill. Barry is right this time, not often, but this time he is dead on.

    Discrimination in the workplace is WRONG!!

    But Ms. Cherrie, that is something you never had to face,... "thanks, daddy".

  • Typical DC BS

    @RealDC: Listen, you don't have to be a brain surgeon to know that NOT HIRING a FELON is NOT DISCRIMINATION. They are automatically disqualified for quite a few jobs that require licensing already. Obviously, you don't run a business or you'd know about that little fact.

    Guess you lack common sense as well.

  • RealDC

    @typical dc bs- Ok, brain surgeon, now everybody that is arrested is a FELON? Everybody job requires a license? What are you saying, dummy? Get your facts straight before you start shooting off your mouth, because making ill informed decisions is not good for you or your business.

    Barry's bill covered ex-offenders, yes, some are felons maybe most are but their are folks that get arrested and do jail time that did not commit a FELONY. Misdemeanors can put you in the pokey, too. But if a person has a misdemeanor, he should not be allowed to work, either. So before you start DISCRIMINATING against ex-offenders their needs to be clarification on what happen. That is all his bill said. Read. Stop waiting for others to shape your thoughts.

    Guess you have arrived and made it, so who cares about others in the community?? How is that "lack of common sense" fool?

  • nowaitadaminit

    Guess I could be considered a small business owner myself, though now thankfully retired, but for the most part, quite a few, if not most, who run small businesses are guilty of some form of criminal misconduct or another even if it is only tax related.

    Won't go into more specifics, but you get the drift.
    And I get it, there are many ex-offenders who ahould not be hired or even allowed access to one's home, but not ALL of them.

    But who can expect empathy from a citzenry that treats it's returning war veterans with such disdain because of the many challenges that could be the result of
    exposure to said war?

    If everybody who commits a crime got caught and was sent to prison, everybody else could always get a job as a corrections officer. There would be no need for any in between. Just those who get caught and those who do not.

    There are many ways to screen out who should work where. It's done during every job interview. Give the hardcores the hardcore jobs nobody else wants and/or could do.

    As it stands now, the ratio of who does time and who does not speaks volumes about whom it is that will not be given a break or even considered for a chance to live a productive lifestyle after incarceration. At first all you had to be was a minority not to be considered for any but menial jobs. Not that it has been completed remedied, but now there is another excuse not to hire a minority even if he has paid his price to society.

    When you look at defendants in DC's court system, you wonder if any Whites live in the city. But of course they do, perhaps it's just that Whites don't commit crimes. But more than likely it's because the prosecutors who determine who gets charged are also White. Even notice the ratio between Black and White in the US Attorney's Office. Wink, wink.

    The Black US Attorney and his Black Deputy are anomalies.

  • RealDC

    @nowaitadaminit- Exactly!