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What Color Will D.C.’s Taxis Be?

Here are your some choices for what D.C.'s cabs should look like:

The D.C. Taxicab Commission will be releasing ten more color schemes tomorrow. Says Mayor Vince Gray: “We intend for D.C. to establish an identity and image that will set a new standard for public vehicles for hire and will help improve enforcement to prevent illegal vehicle service by creating a more recognizable D.C. taxicab.”

The ill-fated taxi medallion bill pushed last year by taxi king Jerry Schaeffer that would have mandated all of the city's cabs be painted black doesn't seem like such a bad idea anymore, does it?

DCist has pictures of the actual vehicles.

  • RT

    Door number 2

  • NE John

    Yea, the second one is the least offensive

  • Joe

    Number 2, literary types will agree, can be our "red badge of courage," or the zippy version of the "red and the black." Will the paint make the cars heavier and there for consume more gas?

  • Cabby

    Did anyone notice the typo on Cab #2? Prosposed? Seriously DC, no wonder the Feds don't want to make you a state.

  • http://www.anthonylorenzo.com Anthony Lorenzo

    Number 2

  • Brahmin

    I don't care what they look like. Why don't they take a payment app--so they don't worry about being rob for carrying cash and I don't have to find it.

  • Gigs

    Does anyone else think #4 looks like an ambulance? Some of the other possibilities have black on the front instead of white, which I'm sure will make the cars MUCH more visible, don't you?

  • Emily

    My three year old likes #2 best. I tend to agree with him. Though something about it vaguely says pizza delivery.

  • Aaron Smith

    And they don't think that Red, White, & Blue with a few stars was a good idea? What about Red Stripes with a few stars, like the DC 'flag'?

    Green? Yellow? Orange? d'oh!

    Boy, They immediately make me think of the Nations Capitol! Of, course, its not THIS nation.

  • Mr.Remember

    The colors are not bright enough. We are becoming San Francisco east...so what about neon pink, golden rod yellow and hard black.

  • jco71

    No need to overthink this. Red, white & blue is the natural choice for DC. Option #4 looks like an ambulance

  • Tom S.

    Although attractive all these seem to be expensive paint jobs; will the owners/drivers pay for reprints after accidents?

  • Jesse

    They all look like bad Matchbox cars you would have passed over in the toy store as a kid. I really can't say any one is significantly less bad.

  • truth hurts

    Heard a Jamaican chop shop intends to combine parts from each one and build a bobsled for the Cool Runnings sequel.

  • Typical DC BS

    How about an option "None of the Above"? They all suck. Who came up with the variation on the same exact design, but with different colors? Must be a DC government employee.
    If this is the best they can do, just go with all-yellow like every other city / state and be done with it.

  • joseph lee

    I hope the upcoming ten more color schemes will not imitate from a fire truck.

  • a change gon’ come

    Is it just as cheap to have the design as it is to have a single color? If not, why not just pick a single color? I don't want to hear from the drivers that they need yet another fare increase to pay for touching up a complicated paint job!

    The proposed looks are all awful and unnecessarily busy. And I got a good laugh from the Jamaican bobsled team comment -- I had a similar thought, probably cuz I'm from Jamaica!

  • truth hurts

    Gotcha, a change gon come. Been there many, many times myself. It's all irie, mon.

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