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Feds probing Yvette Alexander's role in lottery, whether staff asked for $20,000 of would-be lotto partner to "prove his loyalty." Also looking at Michael Brown's ties to online gambling lobbying. Both deny any wrongdoing. [AP]

Get moving, Ron Machen. [Post]

And give us details about Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown's 2008 campaign. [Post]

Marion Barry lashes out at Chamber of Commerce's Barbara Lang. [WBJ]

Good news businesses: you'll only to to pay the Ballpark fee for another 14 years. [Times]

Phil Mendelson still figuring out how to run the D.C. Council. [Post]

Vince Gray: Posties are mean to me because they still love Adrian Fenty. [Post]

Anita Bonds doesn't like corporate campaign donations. [WAMU]

Majority of new District jobs going to commuters. [Examiner]


  • WhoSaidWhat

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look into Yvette so we can get rid of her. Getting rid of her will be the only chance Ward 7 has.

  • RealDC

    This is all speculation on how this bill affect businesses in DC. What is sad is how bad and irrelevant the DC Chamber has become. The Chamber is horrible when it come to serving small and medium size businesses in town. Lang and her crew are to blame. But as long as they can hold their "parties" and get Verizon and Pepco to cover their bar bills, life is all good at the DC Chamber of ClownS!! DC needs an enema!!

  • nowaitadaminit

    But what about WaPo's glaring inaccuracy in Tim Craig's column stating Marion Barry's conviction was for crack cocaine, when in fact it was for possession of marijuana?
    Are we using selective accuracies?

  • tony

    CM Alexander is on her way out. I can't stand that woman. She has spent her entire time on the council judging and harshly criticizing her own people.

    While Brother Machen is at it, he may want to ask CM Alexander what those private meetings she had with Kwame Brown at the Starbuck in forestville, MD were all about. Escpecially, the one she had with him a week before his sentencing.

    Was CM Alexander being used by someone to gather information from Kwame concerning an on -going investigation?

  • nowaitadaminit

    Hey Tony

    Looks like those meetings weren't so private after all.
    And if they were private, why should CW Alexander have to disclose the reason to the US Attorney?

    Perhaps CW Alexander was offering sympathy and support for a colleague who paid quite a price (Don't you think?)for falsifying his loan application.

    Don't they live in the same neighborhood? If they had been attempting some cloak and dagger type of clandestine meeting, it would have been much easier to have it at one or the other's homes (Don't you think?)

    I'm not as devious as some may think, but even I can come up with many other ways to gather information from Kwame.
    Maybe not concerning an on-going investigation, because I'd be afraid he was wired up.

    In other words, Tony, don't let your obsessive pet peeve with CW Alexander interfere with you heretofore good common sensical comments on this blog.

    Sometimes a rose is just a rose is just a rose.......

  • tony

    @nowaitadaminit, you may be right and you may wrong...

    Really, there's only way to find out.

  • tony

    correction: @nowaitadaminit, you may be right and you maybe wrong...

    Really, there's only one way to find out.

  • drez

    Tony? Obsessive?
    Say it aint so.

  • nowaitadaminit

    Okay, Tony.
    I still respect your right to an opinion, even if I disagree with it. But just between us bloggers, what is the only way to find out? If it was a private meeting as you say, what gives anybody the right to ask her/him what it was about?

    And don't obsess over Drez. He's just jealous cause I don't USE him as a pet peeve anymore and try my best to ignore him now. Some habits are hard to break.

  • Endorsement of Death

    Anita Bonds?? You can't be serious.

  • SEis4ME

    Tony, you're equally as guilty as what you complain about w/Suderman et. al. That is, trolling for stories specifically about black people, just to prove some rather nauseating and completely irrelevant point.

    How in the hell do you have a "private meeting" at Starbucks..of ALL places?

    We get it. You don't like Alexander and your misplaced nitpicking causes you to attach yourself to any story about her. But in this case, you sound silly w/asking the US Attorney to investigate a meeting at Starbucks because somebody insinuated that they met alone and your spin was that it was a private clandestine operation.

    Give me a break dude.

  • nivin

    @Tony and @nowaitadaminit---I think you have it backwards. It could be Kweme who was wearing a wire trying to get dirt on Alexander. Doesn't the US Attorney use people it caught this way?

  • tony

    @SEis4ME, Dude gives yourself a break.

    I said what I said and I stand by everyone word.
    Unlike, a lot of you fake azz clowns, I defended black CM's in this city with the hopes that their continue representation would be a plus for the black community. However, some of these sell-outs have used their powers to literally destroy the lives of black folks in this city.

    Hell naw, I am not down with that garbage. And just because some CM'S may be of a certain pedigree that does not give them a right to thumb their noses at others. And, when they do, there will be n**** like me that they are going to have to deal with.

    Moreover, what’s really silly is for any black person to continue to support a black councilmember who has spent nearly 6 years on the council and can't point to one freaky piece of legislation she authored that benefitted her own community. What’s really silly is for any black person to continue to support a black councilmember who has turned her backed on the less fortunate east of the river. What’s really silly is for any black person to continue to support a black councilmember who can’t boast of one small black business that has prospered as a result of her administration. What’s really silly is for any black person to continue to support a black councilmember that has called for investigations into the affairs of other black interests in this city OUT OF PERSONAL DISLIKE. What’s really silly is for any black person to continue to support a black councilmember whose ward has the second highest unemployment rate, one of the highest school dropout rates, one of the highest illiteracy rates, one of the highest poverty rates, one of the highest crime rates, one of the highest infant mortality rates, etc.

    And this is so because she belongs to certain class of black folks east of the river who will not dare give anyone else a chance to represent the ward if they don't live in hillcrest or penn-branch. Well, dude, I am here to tell you that that day is over.

    The working class in this city is going to get the same representation that everyone else gets especially in the black community. Or, those black officials will be held accountable just CM ALEXANDER GLOATED ABOUT HOLDING MARION BARRY ACCOUNTABLE WHEN SHE AND OTHER BLACK FOLKS CENSORED HIM!

  • NE John

    We should tar and feather her, and then dump her off the 14th Street Bridge. Before that, the Coast Guard should be notified so they don't mistake her for an enemy submarine.

  • truth hurts

    Dang, tony and SEis4ME going at it.

    What a great country we live in. Long live CP for providing this forum.

  • nowaitadaminit

    CP: Selectively providing forums?????
    Thought we didn't censor.
    Or was it a bit too personal?

  • SEis4ME

    Tony. Give me a break. You have posted story after story of "somebody's a racist" nonsense for way too long now. So for you to sit on this board and cancel out Alexander based on nothing more than your personal feelings towards her is indeed no different than the many others who post ridiculous stories about "black pols" you attempt to defend.

    Great. You are convinced that Ward 7 has languished under Alexander's term. But you have no factual evidence to back up such a ridiculous claim. You have thew nerve to talk about "personal dislike" as if you own the phrase. Dude please. Any idibot who posts silly stories about a supposedly "secret" meeting at STARBUCKS in FORESTVILLE and asks that the US Attorney investigates should be the absolutely LAST person to fashion himself as a "protector" of black folk.

    There were clear and unambiguous things both Harry and Kwame did and you still came in here w/this "black folk stick together" crap and you did it all the way until the end. Now you got a made-up story here that's absent any facts.

    YEah ok. Keep thinking that the black savior is gonna be a captain Save-A-EOTR and singlehandedly lower the unemployment levels in two of the city's poorest and undereducated Wards in the city if you must. The rest of us thinking black folk no better.

  • tony

    @SEis4ME, dawg you are silly than I thought.

    I am one of those real black men who say what he mean and mean what he say. And, I will never apologize for anything I said about anyone.

    Secondly, you speak about"we" know better. And thats the problem. People like you really believe that you know better. You weak clowns really believe that you have the answers. By your own admission, you live in ward 8.

    So, what have "we" done to help the east of the river community. How many brothers and sisters have "we" hired. Or are "we" too depending on a government check or working paycheck to paycheck?

    Well, I have been a businessman in this city for a long time and I have hired and fired n**** like you many times over. You feel me.

    Thirdly, the masses of black folks gets it about CM Alexander. More of her own people voted against her in the primaries that voted her for. In fact, CM Alexander is the only CM IN THIS CITY TO WIN REELECTION BY LOSING MORE VOTES THAN SHE RECEIVED. She won only because the voters split their votes between two other candidates. So, I am right on point when I say that CM Alexander has failed her community.

    Thirdly, since it's hard for people like you to believe someone like me it may be wise for any authority to check cameras at the said Starbucks during the timeframe so stated to see you is telling the truth. Clearly, if the "man" say it's so than "you people" will believe it.

    Brother, you have the right one. I am going to continue to come against CM Alexander until she is out of office. And if you have a problem with it, I am not too hard to find.

    Bring it on!

  • nowaitadaminit

    Tony, my brother.
    Leave it alone, Slim.
    This diatribe on CW Alexader does not become you.
    Neither does bragging about firing n***** or anybody else.
    Quit while you're ahead, son. Try to maintain some of the dignity you earned in earlier posts.
    Yeah, I'm feelin' you, and if you were my grandson I'd take your azz out to the woodshed.

  • tony

    @nowaitadaminit, u should thank your lucky stars that I am not your grandson.

  • SEis4ME

    @Tony, anybody who describes himself as a "real black man" probably needs to do some thoughtful analysis of why he believes such nonsense. There is no such thing as a fakereal black man. It's a figment of your imagination.

    Yes, people like me who live in W8 actually DO happen to know what's best for our n'hood. I'm going to do you a favor so that you don't ever make the mistake again in an online forum. Your command of the english language is enough information for me to know (as a fact) that you couldn't afford to hire me...even on your most impressive day.

    The masses of black folk do get it. They get that Yvette Alexander is now once again, CM Yvette Alexander.

    So ok, Mr. I Spy, you believe she had a "private meeting" in a public coffee shop in Forestville. Are you mad or something that you weren't invited? Did she shun you. Oh you mad?

    Face it man, you aren't ready for prime time.

  • tony

    If you are so confused about what a “real” black man is, then you might want to stop trying to be one. And be who you are.

    Secondly, while you claim to be part of the black middle class or black elite, you are not. I don’t what drunk on Good Hope RD told you that but they lied. You don’t have what it takes to be part of the black elite. I mean, it takes more than the ability to write well. First, you have to have something which makes you worthy of that class. And usually it involves the combination of money, wealth, position, powerful connections and/or some high personal achievement. Clearly, you don’t meet any one of those criteria’s.

    Personally, I believe that you are just another lost and confused soul from east of the river that yearns to be part of the mainstream. I hate to say this, but well-to-do blacks with dignity and class don’t live in the gutter!

    You should also note that your command of the English language is enough information for me to know for a fact that you are a gay black man who is posing as a “real” black man from the hood. Back in the day, faggots paid a heavy price for such deception.

    And when it comes to FAT YVETTE, the masses of blacks do get it. They get the fact that FAT YVETTE, who they voted against, is now under federal investigation for CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT BRIDBERY.

    Lastly, you are really upset about that Starbucks meeting. Yeah, I know it’s hard trying to imagine FAT YVETTE eat a little tuna fish sandwich. That’s just like trying to feed a whale a tic-tac.


  • SEis4ME

    When either threatened or intimidated or just made to look like a fool call them fags...nygga..or bytch. All three are supposed to elicit similar responses.

    Sorry Tony, this is an old approach..or maybe just the one employed by "real" black men like yourself. Not gonna work.

    What in the monkeyfk does the black elite have to do w/this? You're right. I am unabashedly middle class and do live in W8.

    I hate to say this, but well-to-do blacks with dignity and class don’t live in the gutter!

    You see it here folks! Malcom X/Marcus Garvey Tony has fashioned himself as the "real" black man who keeps the racist/bigoted white folk in check. So concerned about W7, he wants its CM to be booted from office so that her Ward (the same one as DC's Mayor [go figure]) will begin to see improvement and not languish as it has under her leadership.

    And ba'am! Just like Mitt Romney, he went 47% on us. Now we know that this businessman (I know people really do like buying oils on the train and at Eddie Leonard's too but ok..it's a business) actually believes that no dignified person would live in the area he's spent the past couple of days criticizing Alexander for not improving.

    You've really taken this personally and that's odd...ok maybe not. I'm a undignified, classless fagbox and Yvette Alexander is a fat whale who had a private meeting at Starbucks. WHEW! Must've taken a lot out on your brain.

    You read it here folks!

  • tony

    @SEis4ME, That’s right, read it good, clown.

    Man, black folks are not stupid. Everyone see what your lame azz is trying to do.

    I am not some crazy racist who dislike all white folks. And I am not silly to believe that every black person works for the best interest of their people. I and other folks on this blog damn near led the charge to get the white media to balance their coverage concerning corruption in city government.

    Yes, I defended Harry Thomas and Kwame Brown and others. And I make no apologies for that. I said then that my support for those brothers was due in part out of racial pride. I know how hard it has been for black folks to get black representation in this country. And, I know how important black representation really is. I believed that the white media did not provide the same level of oversight to the city's white politicians that were being applied to the black politicians. I was not going to damned those brothers for engaging in conduct that others were given a free pass on.

    But since I and others fought against the unfair media bias, there seems to be a willingness on the part of the press to be a little more conscious when reporting on corruption in this city.

    Moreover, I have been equally rough on black politicians who I believe have failed their communities. I have no patience with any black politician who will exploit their people time and time again. This too is an injustice that I will continue to fight against.

    Some of these black politicians are playing games with the lives of black folks and when I see it, I am going to do my level best to defeat it. Yvette Alexander is one of those black politicians who are playing games with black folks east of the river. And, I am going to take her to task for it. She has not provided the proper representation for a community that is in need of good governance.

    And, the people of Ward 7 spoke loudly and clearly on Election Day. Again, most of the black voters rejected Yvette and voted against her. She was the only CM to win re-election by losing more votes than she received. Unfortunately, the nearly 51 percent anti- Yvette vote was divided between two other candidates so there was not a sole beneficiary. Clearly most of the Ward 7 voters and citizens agree with me that Yvette has failed them. She has heard the complaints but she refused to re-adjust. Why? Because, she and so many black politicians are not interested in providing true public service rather they are only interested in the trappings of the office.

    Man, I will continue to fight against the political and social injustices inflicted on the black community whether it’s done by whites or blacks.

    And stop pretending to be something you are not. Again, you are not part of the black middle class, we reject your "kind". You are just another black person east of the river trying to make it! And that’s not a bad thing.

  • SEis4ME

    I and other folks on this blog damn near led the charge to get the white media to balance their coverage concerning corruption in city government.

    Right. And the problem for you then and now is that there was no "white" parallel to someone who found guilty of bank fraud and stealing upwards of 200k. So I'm not sure what your pilgrimage got you.

    But since I and others fought against the unfair media bias, there seems

    We can really stop at the last word - seems. There "seems" to be less bias because there are less politicians stealing money and lying on loan applications. But if it makes you feel better...sure, your advocacy led to more balance.

    She has not provided the proper representation for a community that is in need of good governance.

    And you care why again? It's not like you or no one else with dignity and class would live there. Guess we can blame every other CM before as well. That is, unless it's somehow gotten demonstrably worse under her term.

    Man, I will continue to fight against the political and social injustices inflicted on the black community whether it’s done by whites or blacks.

    Right. As you turn around and tell the cameras that no one with dignity and class would live in the places most affected by social and political injustice. #teamRomney

    Again, you are not part of the black middle class, we reject your "kind".

    And stop pretending you're not a hemaphrodite. See how silly is it to make such assumptions through an online forum? You don't have the sixth cybersense, you can't see cyberpeople. Middle class is not an aspiration but a reality for me and many others of my classless n'bors. Oh you maaad bro? #tonyromney

  • tony

    @SEis4ME, lol!

    Long live the east of the river community.lol!

    Man, there's going to be some changes in leadership in this city. The black community is going to be properly served by their leaders both black and white.

    Mark my words.

  • tony

    "I could have freed a thousand more, if only they knew they were slaves." – Harriet Tubman.