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Anita Bonds, D.C.’s Newest Councilmember

Anita Bonds, a longtime fixture in the background of District politics, was selected tonight to be an interim at-large councilmember by the D.C. Democratic State Committee. She easily dispatched her opponents, Doug Sloan and John Capozzi, to win 55 of the 71 votes cast.

Bonds, head of the DCDSC, is set to be sworn in tomorrow morning.

"I'm a doer," Bonds told the local Democratic Party's members just prior to the vote. "I'm someone who can pull things through."

Former Mayor-for-Life and Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry was on hand to see his longtime aide win elected office.

"You made a wise choice," Barry told the Democrats after they'd voted for Bonds.

The selection of Bonds, who works for Fort Myer Construction, means two of the Council's 13 members work for contractors that do significant business with the city*; At-Large Councilmember David Catania works for M.C. Dean. Both outside jobs are entirely legal under the District's ethics rules.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

*This post has been updated.

  • NE John

    A relic from a bygone era. Rather a fossilized dinosaur terd. Have fun for a few months

  • RT

    Horrible. Can you imagine something so laughable? Only in DC

  • Truth hurts

    Groundhog day.

  • cutthecrap

    @#1,#2, and #3...instead of you farts on here talking about her, your azzes need to be out there campaig
    ning for the candidate you think will do a better job. Now who's really the terd???

  • Bryan Danielson

    Oh well, the party will get another reminder of how touch it is come April 23. Lie, cheat, and steal while you can Anita.

  • Scotch

    Interim At-Large Councilmember Anita Bonds (D-Ft. Myer).

  • lmao x 10

    hahahah Anita Bonds? I am convinced this council is a worldclass joke! They really need new blood on that DCDSC because she destroyed it.

    But I am assuming as one of Barry's foot soldiers and since she works for a construction company, she will be able to keep her foot in the council for years to come smh.

  • nowaitadaminit

    Congratulations, Ms. Bonds. And many happy returns.
    There, at least one positive comment on this selection.

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  • WPJ

    Last I checked the Council only has 13 members...

  • ToTheContrary

    Ms. Bonds will not be getting my vote. It is time for fresh new faces and ideas on the D.C. political scene.

  • nowaitadaminit

    @WPJ: What's a little slip of the tongue, ....er finger, when it comes to the media making glaring mistakes?

  • ToTheContrary

    Ft. Myers and M.C. Dean are pleased! Citizens are again, screwed.

  • OHBoy

    This news is quite unsettling. This woman is part of old DC's buddy system. This woman attended a number of Gray's events as a friend/supporter. We are in trouble with this woman. Shouldn't she be in retirement?

  • MHeights06

    There are so many haters on here. Just because someone is over 40, African American and been around the dc political system does not make them corrupt or unprepared to tackle the city as it is today. You don't need to be 35, white and new to DC to run this city!

  • Sally

    Congratulations Anita Bonds. Someone that can carry a wide margin of victory with such a diverse State Committee members must be doing something right.

  • NE John

    She is an old crony of Barry, who drove this city into receivership, polarized the city, and embarrassed the city, worldwide, to no end. She, like Catania, are affiliated with a large entities doing business with the city. The potential conflicts are enormous. And yes, a small group of Democrats appointed her - not the citizens of this city. This is some kind of ceremonial bullshit that we need to discard as bad practices of the past.


    At 67 years old, this senior citizen should want to relax and enjoy life spending it with her grandchildren. We need some young blood on the city council. This woman is linked to Marion Barry.

  • DC Voter

    Anyone who has lived in DC and is involved in politics can be viewed as a crony of Marion Barry. Even today's most sainted Tommy Wells entered politics as a volunteer and part-time driver for the Barry campaign in 1986. AS long a period of time that Ms Bonds has been involved in DC there has never been a hint of corruption involving her. If given a chance, she may actually accomplish much and will be a credit to the city council.

  • name

    Didn't she engineer the emergency last second rule changes for the electors of the DCDSC to keep new blood from being chosen as electors?

    You can't claim a democratic process if the *entire* process isn't open AND democratic. She got elected by people who didn't have to run for their positions. The national Democratic Party should fix this.

    All that said, it doesn't change anything. Mendo knows not to cross the old guard. His only real liability EotR is he's white. Otherwise he's just another bleeding heart, can't balance a checkbook without a loan spender.

  • SEis4ME

    She is an old crony of Barry,

    This strikes at the heart of the sole complaint many of her detractors will have. It explains why nothing NEJohn wrote refers to her..but to who she worked for or other legal things she's done.

  • ToTheContrary

    Well she does preserve the AGE diversity on the council. We do need a balance to the meddlesome government prefered by Cheh/Wells.

  • Barrie Daneker

    @name...on again those that blog don't know squat... No she didn't change the rules at the last second. congress the council and the DNC died, the DCDSC just had to follow their shitty lead. Furthermore, this is for a n interim appointment for God's sake get a freaking clue and a grip on reality! And the DNC is intimately aware of the DCDSC electors and we are following their direction along with the council's and DC BOEE constraints. So please insert foot and remember to open mouth first, otherwise "Look Ma no Teeth!"

  • RealDC

    Yes, back to the '80s we go!! It should be fun.

    DC is a hot mess on some many levels, Bonds is just the latest clown to join the circus. She will be no better or worse than what we got already. At least she's got a job, even though its with the city's dirtiest contractor. Which is amazing that Bonds and Catania can "work" for city contractors and hold public office that oversees the city's money. THAT SMELLS BAD!

    This seat will go to a "progressive" in April. Yep, the face of the council is ever changing. The "Gentrification Progressive Crew" is winning. The "Way We Were Crowd" is LOSING!! Look, the "Way We Were Crowd" can only blame themselves, you put up and run old, tired, dime store politicians like Bonds, Barry, Gray, etc. Its not about what they have done, its about what they can't do or won't do. Bonds will not campaign, she will not energize anybody, she has no base, she will lose badly in April. Then the "Way We Were Crowd" will scratch their heads and "wonder what happened?" The "Way We Were Crowd" will then say the " Gentrification Progressive Crew" is stealing the city and they don't respect the natives, they are taking over, yadda yadda.... ah, go away. The "Way We Were Crowd" did it to themselves, you put Bonds (67 yrs old) in office knowing she has a FT job and now has a part time Council job and then expect her to campaign for the April election, GET REAL!! Serving 3 masters will take its toll on Bonds and in the end slips in the "Gentrification Progressive Crew's" candidate.... why, because the old guard will not let go.

    Mendelson is the chair, but come on he has been one of the weakest council members in the history DC council. He gets promoted to chair and people expect him to lead, .... like my grand dad said, "that dog don't hunt". Mendo will not lead, not in him, but he will bury his head in paperwork and tell us how hard he is working.

    Bowser and Orange are interesting, slightly. They are not part of the old guard per se but they use the same antiquated playbook. Raise a bunch money from bundled donors. They are lazy and self-serving in every sense of the words. They put crooks on their campaign teams and operate like low rent, cheezy, greasy politicians. They are bought and paid for by their donors and they will compromised the people they serve ever time. Shameful.

  • cutthecrap

    @RealDC...you seem to know a lot about being sleazy, cheezy, greasy, and being bought and paid for. I wonder why??? I guess those are your greasy finger prints on my PC everytime I open up to Loose Lips.

  • candycane1

    Congratulations Anita! For those of us that know your experience and hard work for many years accompanied with the respect for your knowledge both locally and very much nationally, your victory is much deserved.

  • RealDC

    @cutthecrap- I see it everyday. You could too, just open your eyes. Read. The rest of your comment makes no sense. The greasy fingerprints are probably your own!

  • nowaitadaminit

    @RealDC: He has so much nasty stuff going on in his life he named himself 'cutthecrap.' HIS fingerprints on HIS PC are smeared with same from all that cutting.

  • RT

    RealDC- you're the man (or wo-man)! Couldn't agree more.

    Really, the only councilmembers worth a damn at this point are....... Wells? Evans despite being a corporate crony (he at least has a brain and could potentially be elected in other jurisdictions)?

    Mendelson is not corrupt but has no ability to lead. An ivory tower paper pusher NIMBY. Nothing innovative or bold will be accomplished under his chairmanship.

    Graham is corrupt and is close to a "machine" politician as you can get here (other than Barry of course). If you get in his way, despite his smile, he will destroy you.

    Barry. Enough said- senile waste who gets nothing accomplished for his ward or the people of DC. Sad!

    McDuffie- in over his head and seemingly a NIMBY.

    Grosso- remains to be seen, but could be similar to McDuffie.

    Cheh- the epitome of Ward 3 shrill hag who meddles in EVERYONE'S business and wants government to control all aspects of life. She is wielding undue influence these days, somehow.

    Bowser- not one of the worst, but completely impotent, bordering on lazy, and has accomplished NOTHING in her tenure. Warming the seat for the next mediocrity.

    Catania- accomplished a lot early in his career (esp with healthcare and marriage equality) but he has nothing left to accomplish except collecting paychecks from DC Treasury and M.C. Dean. I thought he was above such shadiness.

    Yvette- See Bowser. Seems like a decent lady, but what the heck has she ever done?

    Honestly, you know who is looking better and better by the day? Mayor Vincent Gray. He seems to have "come back from the dead" and righted the ship. Not to mention come up with some innovative ideas to lead the city into the future (tech "angel investor" tax breaks, 5-year plan for the city). He seems to be backing previous reforms to public schools (backing Henderson) and giving Lanier what she needs for the police force. When surrounded by incompetents and lazies, suddenly Gray looks like the smartest man in the room!

  • Angelina

    If DC is so BAD, then MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angelina

    I mean MOVE NOW!!!

  • dan

    Congratulations Ms Anita Bonds. You have my vote!!!!!

  • cutthecrap

    @RealDC...anybody who doesn't agree with you is a person whose comments don't make sense. You and the rest of the folks on here bashing the current Council are just as awful as they are. What have you ever done for the city? Your claim to fame is appearing on looselip masquerading as the "RealDC". Anita Bonds and others always win because the rest of us in DC see through f'dup, wannabee intellectuals like you. Angelina is right...If DC is so BAD, then MOVE...NOW. We'll be happy to see you and the others go. Maybe MPD can march you all accross the 14th Street Bridge into VA like they did with all the downtown hookers a few years back. Hopefully the commuter tax will be in place and the only way you'll come back into DC will be by paying.

  • nowaitadaminit

    My, my, my!!!!
    A bit touchy all of a sudden, aren't we???
    Reminds one of the Republican Party after the Obams Smash.

    This crew flip flops like a dolphin showin off tryin to get a fish.

    First you love em, then you hate em.
    One thing certain and two things sure: Vincent Gray has managed to continue to do the job he was elected to do and it seems that finally some people who doubted his ability to lead are beginning to see the light. It was understandable that he would get muddied wallowing in the dirt with the likes of Lorraine 'Wannabee Queen Bee' Green after all the skanky stuff she had to do to even get close; her renegade crew: HoBro, JHall, JBan, and Lawd hab mercy.....SuliBro, but that's really all he is guilty of: Poor Delegation of Duties.

    Now, that bein' said, let me join the flip-flop-fray: IF YOU DON'T LIKE WHAT GOES IN IN DC........THEN LEAVE DC.....NOW!!!!!

  • RealDC

    @cutthecrap- look clown, we all pay taxes in DC, so , I can express my opinion any time I like. You chose to respond to me and I stated I am not understanding what was your point?

    Just because the leadership in town is questionable does not mean I hate DC. But you should be tired of pols urinating on your leg and then telling its raining, I know I am sick of it. They waste your tax dollars, they put up speed cameras and fleece you to the nth degree, they do not educate your kids, they will steal your money, etc. Does any of this bother you? I guess not, so that explains why it continues because of folks like you.
    Anyway, its a blog, express your ideas and share your thoughts and just get off my NUTZ... clown!!

  • cutthecrap

    @RealDC...I didn't know you had any NUTZ. Everytime I read a thread from you, you are acting like a big cunt. That's right, I can express myself just as you do. Can't wait until your bitch azz leaves. Maybe we'll have a capital city minus bitches like you.

  • nowaitadaminit

    @RealDC....for what it's worth, there are many terms to describe azzholes like c-t-c who are obsessed with using potty terms and sexual innuendo to get points across.

    I'll just use one for now: INFANTILE/ANAL OBSESSIVE.

    Oh! Was that two terms? Well sometimes more is more.

  • cutthecrap

    LOL...can dish it out, but can't take it

  • nowaitadaminit

    See what I mean about Infantile, RealDC?

    Just proves the point.
    But to be fair about it, every now and then the nutcake (pun intended) makes a good point. Not often...... but every now and then.

  • NE John

    No one can tell me to leave DC. I am DC! Sukahs!

  • RealDC

    LOL. Can someone put something in crappy' s mouth, my zipper is stuck!
    Just go away loser and leave me alone.

  • OHBoy

    It's no victory for her because she didn't run. When she runs and perhaps wins then that will be victorious. Someone stupid on here said that this shoe-in candidate was victorious.

  • nowaitadaminit


    If NE John IS in fact DC as he proclaims, then that explains all of the problems we're experiencing. What better way to get rid of the problems and being considered Suckahs, than to run is azz our of town on one of those streetcar rails as far as it goes and then pick him up with one of those trash trucks and carry him .....Oh, I don't know, anywhere but DC. Don't know where he should go, but he definitely should go out of DC.