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Oh Irony! Jeff Thompson Alleges Corruption in D.C. Contracting

How's this for irony: the man at the center of the investigation into Mayor Vince Gray's 2010 campaign, which prosecutors say was tainted by "backroom deals" and unreported cash, is alleging there's corruption in District contracting.
Jeff Thompson says the District government turned a blind eye to corrupt contracting practices that shut out his Medicaid managed [...]

The 2012 Loosies

Oh 2012, what turmoil you brought to D.C. politics. Two councilmembers who started the year as elected officials are either in federal prison or under house arrest wearing an electronic monitoring device. Vince Gray appears to have weathered a summer storm that saw the U.S. Attorney’s Office allege that the mayor benefited from an illegal [...]

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Officials keep pushing back the date in which they might explain what happened to the $4 million in financial irregularities at Jeff Thompson's Medicaid company. [WBJ]
David Catania is "so excited" to be leading the city's education committee. Tommy Wells is the new judiciary committee boss. [Post]
Muriel Bowser now boss of economic development committee, making her the [...]

Ex-Loose Lips Wants to Be a Councilmember

Elissa Silverman, a former Loose Lips who also used to write for the Washington Post, announced today that she's running for the D.C. Council at-large seat in the special election to be held in April.  Silverman just took a leave of absence from her gig as a budget wonk (but not a lobbyist!) for the [...]

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UDC boots Navigator-driving, first-class-flying president. [Fox5]
Dotti Love Wade says her longtime friend Jim Graham is trying to throw her under the bus. [Post]
Some senators introduce token statehood bill.  [Buzzfeed]

Catania Forces Awkward Vote on CBE Program

Yesterday, D.C. Councilmember David Catania forced his colleagues to show where their true loyalties lie when it comes to the city's broken Certified Business Enterprise program. It wasn't pretty.
The program gives preference to the small fraction of D.C.-based companies that sign up to be CBEs when bidding on city contracts. The city also requires that [...]

Michael Brown to Run Again, Maybe?

Soon to be ex-Councilmember Michael Brown just sort of announced on Newstalk with Bruce DePuyt that he's going to run in this spring's special election to get his job back, kinda.
"Folks have told me that my work is not done," Brown told DePuyt, in what sure sounded like a windup to announcing a bid for [...]

Morning Clicks

Michael Brown to announce he's running, er, whether he's running in special election on Newstalk today at 10 a.m. [Twitter]
Campaign finance reforms put off until next year, maybe. [Times]
Harry Jaffe: Vince Gray is cop-friendly mayor. [Examiner]
Council rejects mayor's plan for more cops. [Examiner]

Corporate Campaign Donations, Now Less Transparent

Critics of the District's campaign finance system say the current setup gives too much power to developers, contractors, and other business types with access to multiple limited-liability corporations. An individual who controls 10 separate corporations can write 10 separate checks—all at the maximum level—and be perfectly legal. Not only can that individual far surpass the [...]

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Marion Barry writes nasty letter to Phil Mendelson. [Post]
Barry on those "dirty Asian" shops: "I could have said it a little bit better, but these places are dirty and nasty and people shouldn’t eating at them." [Times]
Mendo doesn't appear to know what a money order is. [Post]
Confusion at Barry/Patrick Ewing toy giveaway. [WJLA]