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Marion Barry is the master of parliamentary skullduggery. [Post]

Council panel approves $11 million tax break for Howard Town Center (whose development team includes former City Administrator Robert Bobb's new company), even though CFO says the break isn't needed. [WBJ]

Joe Biden shops at Ward 5's new Costco. [Post]

Special election set for April 23. [Post]

Judge says city can't ban posters on lampposts. [Post]

D.C. lawmakers get tough with synthetic marijuana. [Times]

LivingSocial still wants to hit benchmarks for a $32 million tax break. [WBJ]

Think there's a war on cars in D.C.? You're a like those crazy people who think the president wasn't born in Hawaii. [GGW]

Barry wants to ban new apartments at St. Es [Post]

IG catches two parking scofflaws after lengthy investigation. [Examiner]

Mendo expects to lose to libertarians over residency requirements of petition circulators. [Post]

Speed limits expected to rise. [WTOP]

  • Scotch

    That Barry-Orange sneak vote was the first test of Mendo's fortitude.

    If Mendo doesn't grow a pair mighty quick, kill the bill, and retaliate against Barry & Orange in new Council committee assignments, then his tenure as Council Chairman is done before it even gets underway b/c all his colleagues will see that they have nothing to fear by ignoring and outright insulting him.

  • Citizen

    I guess it is becoming painfully obvious why Bob Bobb has been skulking around the sidelines here for so long now waiting for his main chance. Just like Jair Lynch, Bobb is a parasite on the legitimate development community.

    No, Bob Bobb we don't want you as Mayor. We don't want you to pull the same magic here you did with the Detroit Public Scbools, voila all the money is gone and so is Bob Bobb. We don't want another assault from your cheesy publicists. We just want you to go back to whatever Alabama holler you crawled out from.

    I checked out Bobb's website. Shall we say it is not cutting edge but it does underline that his brain trust is short on both brains and trust.

    Oh, and surprise, it is "Taxi Cash" "AIDS Grift" Graham pushing yet another tax giveaway to his favored few (read depositors to certain South American banking institutions.) 11 million here, 20 million to the amateurs behind the View14. etc. This is real money folks. Legitimate developers should be screaming from the roof tops but they are afraid if Graham's pay to play retaliation. I have assured that Graham will be going down soon and no doubt Bob Bobb will slink off under some other rock.

  • Chaz Murphy

    It remains to be seen if Phil Mendelson is truly a man of temperance, stability and fairness. The body language he displayed during the Committee on Aging and Community Affairs markup hearing displayed he was suppressing inner rage and blood-boiling anger. I certainly hope as Committee Chair and Chairman of the Judiciary that he can overcome the emotional firestorm raging within, whie preserving the ingrity of the institution-the Council. Democracy has survived on American soil because of equitable laws, which outlast opposition by corrupt, misdirected, power-hungry, ill-temperate and revenge-driven men. I certainly hope Phil Mendelson will not be classified as a revenge-driven man, now that he holds the powerseat, but realize as Chair of the Judiciary, people that have criminal records or made mistakes in the past should not be barred from getting a job and being able to take care of their children. This basic and essential principle of taking care of oneself and one's offsprings is a fundamental human right! While on the other hand, being discriminated against regarding a past conviction or an arrest record, clearly prohibits individuals from securing the opportunities required to really make a positive change in their life. Currently, there are 1 out of 10 returning citizens living in DC. This trend, unfortunately will increase in relation to the national trend and the way things are headed. According to Milton Rector, "the rate of imprisonment in the United States, which takes pride in the protection of liberty and freedom, is considerably higher than the rate of any industrialized nation." Chairman Mendeslon must understand that current and future lives are in the balance in relation to the thousands of lives that are severely impacted from being stigmatized and criminalized all over again, each and every time a they (returning citizens) fill out a job application. I hope Chairman Mendelson will not use his time as chairman to extract revenge on perceived political rivals. I hope Chairman Mendelson is a man of sound decision making and judgement and will not extract revenge or even-up-the-score against those that voted in favor of the returning citizen bill, but will exercise temperance and truly be a voice of reason during this period when there is so much at stake!

  • RealDC

    @Scotch- Thats the problem with Mendelson, he is WEAK! You cannot make a champ out of a chump. He has been Sad Sack for 14 years on the council, now you expect him to be this strong leader...LOL. Get real. Yes, he is a nice guy and probably does things by the book but to expect a great leader from his set of skills is just not going to happen. He does not have the capacity, give him the rest of this term as chair, and then send Mr. Policy Wonk packing. For REAL!

  • tony

    @chaz, right on....CM Alexander voted against the damn bill when it would have benefited so many of her own constituency. CM Alexander's hate towards so many of her own people is absolutely pathetic!

    That woman has the nerve to stand in judgement of others when she is still sleeping on her mother's floor. Yet, she supposed to be so kind of big politician. She's a fat clown with an ugly black face!

  • tony

    ...CM Alexander...$800.00 designer purse...campaign election...

  • truth hurts

    Fascinating chess match. While I'm not a Barry fan (nor a fan of Orange or Graham), Barry's move was quite clever. Had Mendo been faster on his feet, he likely could have employed counter-tactics (e.g. extending debate (filibustering)) for 30 minutes longer until he was sworn in and could vote. Also, given that Mendo was acting council chair at the time, I see no principled reason why he wouldn't have had the same powers in an acting capacity as those he had after he was sworn in as the permanent council chair.

    As for the bill itself, I'm a bit surprised by Mendo's opposition. Various civil rights and prisoner advocacy groups he's sympathetic to lobbied for the bill. Both sides have legitimate arguments, but I think the bill's goals could be achieved via a mechanism that doesn't unnecessarily overburden employers -- as this bill does. Think about the hotel owner who can't ask housekeeping/maintenance applicants up front whether they have burglary, theft, sex assault convictions. It's a no brainer the employer would be exposed to negligent hiring lawsuits if such new hires committed criminal acts against guests. Why should an employer find out about such convictions only after hiring someone? Surely there's a better way.

  • Typical DC BS

    Leave it to DC morons to worry more about criminals and their well-deserved lack of jobs due to their own poor decision-making (really, how many bloviating here about the poor scum who rape, assault and deal drugs would hire them to watch their mom or children? Spare me your outrage, idiots) than legitimate business owners being asked to "take a chance" on people who they can't vet prior to employing them.

    Thanks to the jerkwads on the city council for enacting this idiocy. Let the Democratic windfall to trial lawyers begin. This lack of common sense is appalling. DC whines about lack of jobs, then passes stupidity like this.

  • Chaz Murphy

    Check out the conversation between Washington Post's reporter Mike DeBonis with Martin Austermuhle and Keith Ivey, referring to how Chairman Mendelson is going to extract revenge on Councilmembers Barry, Orange and Graham with crappy committee assignments. It certainly will be interesting to see how Mendelson responds to the groundswell concern by the community to see if he extracts revenge on those councilmembers that support the returning citizens legislation. Read for yourself the conversation. Mike DeBonis @mikedebonis1d
    I think this might be overestimating Marion Barry's parliamentary savvy, @dcist_martin ow.ly/fIigv
    View details ·
    Martin Austermuhle @dcist_martin1d
    @mikedebonis Probably. But let's give credit where credit is due—that was a clever move on his part.
    View conversation ·

    Mike DeBonis

    @dcist_martin Clever in terms of avoiding a riot in the hearing room. Not clever in terms of advancing his bill.
    5:35am Fri Nov 30

    Keith Ivey @kcivey1d
    @mikedebonis @dcist_martin How clever is pissing off the chairman weeks before committee assignments?
    View conversation ·
    Mike DeBonis @mikedebonis1d
    @kcivey @dcist_martin Indeed.
    View conversation ·

  • Chaz Murphy

    The conversation continues between Washington Post's reporter Mike DeBonis, Martin Austermule and Keith Ivey regarding how the General Council-for the District of Columbia is in kahootz with their desires to see the abolishment of the returning citizens bill by ruling the measure is technically and legally insufficient. DeBonis even goes so far as to predict that the measure will die a quick death! Read the twitter conversation below:this legi

    Barry bill will die a quick death Tuesday. Mendo: 'Is this measure legally and technically sufficient, Mr. General Counsel?' GC: 'Hell nah!'
    4:30pm Fri Nov 30
    This message is on Mike Debonis twitter page.

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