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Vince Gray used to say he's cooperating with federal probe; he doesn't say that anymore. [NBC4]

Ward 6: where the votes are. [Post]

Jonetta is not a fan of Anita Bonds. [Examiner]

Vincent Orange wants to tax contractors to pay for more D.C.-based movies. [Times]

District workers messed up on 32,000 tickets. [Examiner]

DCPS and charter schools should be friends, not enemies. [WAMU]

Charging disabled for parking could raise $1.5 million. [Examiner]

  • Scotch

    Film subsidies: The never-ending Vincent Orange pet project that gets him attention from the Hollywood D List types.

  • Scotch

    And St. Tommy whining about the Tammany Hall-style selection of the temp at-large member is entertaining. Anyone remember the selection of Sekou "Who" Biddle?

  • Think Tank Empty

    Anita Bonds would be 100 steps back for the district. I was at the pseudo-election when Sekou Biddle was appointed and Anita sat back laughing as various members programs were threatened to be cut by Kwame Brown & Harry Thomas. She turned her back and just laughed away as those criminals walked into the building and changed votes by pulling people to the side and giving them an offer they couldnt refuse.

    I cannot wait until they appoint another chair-person for the committee and she loses the At-Large Bid. We will not have to worry about that snake anymore.

  • I like movies

    I have to disagree with you Scotch. I think its a good move and will be a step towards the right direction in DC becoming a world class city.

  • RealDC

    Anita Bonds is a clown and we have enough clowns on the council now. We do not need another.

    Really Tommy Wells? Ward 6's biggest drunk is a clown as well.

    God save DC from these fools!!

  • Boardwalk

    I think it would be cool if they brought movies to be filmed in the city. It would spark the interest of the youth and more would aspire to be movie directors, screen writers, and more involved in the arts.

    Perhaps they could bring an HBO documentary to the city about these crooked politicians as well. It would be our version of the Wire!

  • Name

    @Boardwalk. That is laughable. What world do you live in anyway? Have you ever actually talked to a kid or tried to teach one? Try ensuring they can read at a 10th grade level before they leave school first.

    And DC's kids are plenty involved in the arts. The problem isn't interest, it's the lack of jobs and income in the arts. That's certainly not going to be something DC has the power to change. What DC's kids mostly need is emotional support bootcamp and remedial reading and writing support.

  • Ward One Resident

    So I guess when Anita Bonds gets the special appointment, Fort Meyers is going to do an even shittier job than they already do.

  • Boardwalk

    @Name emotional support bootcamp and remedial reading and writing support will take longer to put food on the table than learning about films, cameras, and movies. You are right about those things but we live in a world where it it doesnt make a dollar it will never make sense.

    We need to make sure our kids can attach their dreams and aspirations to a trade. This is a great way to do it. If you look at the music industry and fashion industry everyone needs a camera man/woman or someone good at multimedia editing.

    Overall the city needs a facelift and actually cool stuff that can create a buzz. Everyone loves movies so why not bring that too the city.

    P.S. I taught writing and video editing in a children at risk program for 5 years. I think I know what I am talking about.

  • truth hurts

    Hold up! One City's not cooperating with the feds? I'm stunned.
    Weren't his peeps telling reporters (on background) a couple of months ago he'd been dropping dimes? Go figure.

  • nowaitadaminit

    Can't imagine how LL and/or others got confirmed information from the Feds about who is or who is not cooperating with them.

    Again, why in the Hell are you stupid azzholes looking forward to seeing something occur that cannot possibly auger well for Washington, DC?

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