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Council has second marathon session on school closings. [Post]

More than 300 city employees were double-dipping unemployment pay. [Examiner]

Lawmakers want to make it easier for you to drink. [Post]

Jeff Thompson's old firm helping with Marion Barry's turkey giveaway. [Examiner]

Residency fraud at DCPS is not uncommon. [Times]

Leroy Thorpe may get his ANC seat back. [Post]

DYRS ward charged with beating an 81-year-old woman. [Times]

School closing plan needs some refinement. [Examiner]

  • No Love

    Revamp liquor laws? Cool, they might as well be prepared for a lot of drunk driving cases and robberies.

  • Carl James

    Leroy Thorpe has changed his errant ways. He has become a father, husband and good neighbor. Leroy has earned and deserves the chance to represent his SMD.

  • Tony Williams

    I have known Leroy for a fair amount of years. He is quite the character. However he has evolved and become a good guy after all. High praise for this transformation should go to him, but also his wife and daughter.

    He will be a good ANC representative.



  • Jonzee Talal

    Leroy Joseph Thorpe has seen the error of his past words and actions. LT has become an outstanding member of his neighborhood and will be an excellent ANC.

  • Tameka Willis

    I know Leroy, he is a good man. Happy that he will be representing us in Shaw.

  • Sam Gold

    Congratulations, Brother Leroy. God is great indeed. Everybody deserves redemption and second chance.

    All the best,


  • nivin

    ummm, you think Leroy might have stacked the comments??

  • No Love

    He definitely stacked them, Leroy is the biggest cornball in the world.

  • drez

    Leroy is only as good as the city contracts he receives. Win or loose, it will be interesting to see whether he "stays bought".

  • Alex

    Leroy is not a good person. Good people don't have a history of racist and homophobic tirades.

    I wonder if all the people writing pro-Leroy comments would be as quick to forgive these traits in a white candidate. Doubtful.

  • Rev. wilkinson

    Those who keep speaking ill about Mr. Thorpe, only show how intolerant, ignorant and unforgiven they really are. Everybody deserves forgiveness and have the right to change their life. Intolerance from the usual suspects on this platform.

  • Rev. wilkinson

    @ Alex

    Some people have said and done worse things and they have been forgiven. Why not Leroy?

    Bill Clinton
    Ted Kennedy
    Al Sharpton

    And countless others.

  • Rev. wilkinson

    Senator Robert Byrd etc..

  • Drez

    Oh, please.

  • Rev. wilkinson

    Again that is the past, we are talking about the present. He has changed. You seem to be the intolerant one Drez.

  • Rev. wilkinson

    @ Drez are you anti Muslim?

  • Drez

    That's a funny question considering he Muslims with whom I've spoken about Mr Thorpe are quick to disavow him.

  • Drez

    And they are the ones who bring the topic up!

  • http://shawcivic.org/2012/07/26/kevin-chapple-rejected-by-r-street-neighbors-residents-refuse-to-sign-chapples-anc-petition/ ShawObserver

    @Rev. Wilkinson - in the past? Well, a minute ago is in the past. How far back in the past do you have to go before you're not accountable for your actions any more? How about as recently as last July 26? That's when Thorpe posted on his blog a barely concealed dog whistle appeal to homophobia, less subtle than the appeals to racism used by the GOP in the presidential election campaign.

    Well maybe he has undergone a 180 degree transformation in just the past few months. Call me skeptical.

  • I. J.

    Hey Drez! You are making up lies or have been poorly ill informed about Thorpe. Thorpe is a city worker whom cannot receive city contracts. What is your real agenda with Thorpe? I doubt if any Muslims have spoken with you ill about Thorpe based on his contacts locally, nationally and internationally with Muslims. In fact I have gone to Thorpe's Mosque with him to witnessed an award he received recently. Really Drez what's your real agenda with Thorpe we want to know?

  • Kim Lee

    Character assassination of Thorpe has become a hobby for some sick people in Shaw. The man has made mistake, he has said stupid things, but that is in the past. He is a changed man. Leave him and his family alone.

  • Drez

    Does Leroy still run or have an interest in C.O.P.E?

  • Drez

    Does his wife have any new business interests?
    Just asking.

  • Kim Lee

    . He does a great job with COPE. He cleaned Shaw up back in the 80's and 90's w MPD. Before many of the new residents would even consider living there.

  • I. J.

    Drez get a life

  • Kim Lee

    Shaw is better because of people like Thorpe. You may not agree or like that, but its true.

  • I. J.

    Alex are you Alex Padro of ANC 2C? If you are we know your agenda. You helped displace black people out of Shaw for years by voting on development projects and pocketing money for Shaw Main Streets. You are know telling developers that no affordable housing is needed in Shaw to fatten your pockets.

    You are s self promoter that want's to build your reputation on maligning Leroy's legacy in Shaw to be the queen of Shaw. It's amazing that the Washington City Paper have covered up your dirty tricks and pay to play politics in Shaw. Know you are selling out blacks at Lincoln Westmoreland 11 to developers tear it down and build market rate housing to gain pocket money for yourself and push black's out of Shaw.

    Unlike Leroy, I am going to speak my mind regardless of whom likes it or not.