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Colby King says someone dropped out of a local race in exchange for cash, doesn't say who. [Post]

Vince Gray's field campaign manager goes public two years after mayoral race with concerns about shadow campaign [Post]

D.C. lottery boss is accused anonymously of a litany of sins, including forcing staff to grade college papers on government time [Times]

Softer, kinder school closings [Post]

Cops lose whistleblower case [Post]

Bed bugs at Metro [Examiner]

Wilson booted from Turkey Bowl [Examiner]

  • Some Guy

    King didn't say it was a council race, but only a "political office".

  • No Love

    Dropping out of a race for a hefty amount of money clearly states that the in-crowd of politics has just as many issues as the out-crowd. Candidates who honestly have no shot at winning only run for job opportunities or for networking purposes.

    No one cares about the city because the city isn't made for us to care anymore. No more culture in DC, its only new progressives and those from the gov't who move here only to work.

    Why fix the city if its just a transit city for others to benefit from but washingtonians receive little assistance..

  • Truth hurts

    The candidate was a mayoral candidate. Wait for it.

  • Green Eyeshade

    @Truth, it's just a red herring, a diversion, a bright shiny object to draw our attention away from the fact that the U.S. Attorney can't get his grand jury to indict the Mayor. The long silence in September & October could be blamed on the DOJ Manual for U.S. Attorneys, which forbids public prosecutorial activity close to the time of an election if it could influence the election.

    But the Manual didn't forbid secret grand jury activity during September & October.

    Now that the elections are over, the U.S. Attorney has two months to issue that indictment before a new election cycle will require him to go silent for another two months (roughly, the 60 days before the April 2013 special election). It's time to put up or shut up, and stop leaking bullshit to the local Republican reporters.

  • drez

    It's the USAO that's the problem. LOL.

  • truth hurts

    green eye-shade, the US atty has had evidence to indict the mayor for several months. But he realizes, correctly, that indicting a sitting mayor has enormous consequences. While everyone wants the federal investigations wrapped up without further delay, don't forget that Jeff Thompson's lawyers prevented the FBI and US atty from reviewing millions of documents seized from Thompson in the March raid.

    My understanding is that DC's Circuit Court of Appeals reviewed briefs and heard oral argument on this issue in September -- all under seal. Don't know whether a ruling's been issued yet, but I think the government will prevail. Once the feds finish analyzing Thompson's documents, then they'll formally charge the mayor, Thompson, and others.