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A.J. Cooper: I Am Not a Hypocrite

Not longer after LL called at-large council candidate A.J. Cooper a hypocrite this morning for changing party affiliation to better his chances at getting elected weeks after criticizing his opponents for doing the same same, Cooper called to plead his case.

"My intentions are pure," he says.

Cooper tied for fifth in this month's at-large election and plans on running in this spring's at-large election. He announced this week that after several years of being an independent, he's joining the Democratic Party.  On the campaign trail he attacked Councilmember Michael Brown and Councilmember-elect David Grosso for quitting the Democratic Party to become independents and better their chances of winning one of the D.C. Council's at-large seats reserved for non-Democrats.

“It shows a deficiency in their character because they are gaming the system," Cooper told the Post.

But Cooper says his situation is completely different. He's joining the Democratic Party, he says, to bring change to the city, not as a shortcut to joining the council. The way Cooper says he sees it: Democrat controls city politics; he wants to change city politics; therefore, he needs to be a Democrat in order to change city politics.

"I just couldn't see how I could change it from the outside," says Cooper. "We need to relegitimize the party."

He says the difference between his party conversion and those of Brown and Grosso is the same difference between a Pigskins fan who becomes a Cowboys fan and a person who was never a fan deciding to become Pigskins fan. As a Cowboys fan, LL thinks that first person sounds reasonable while the second person sounds insane.

Photo courtesy of Elect A.J. Cooper

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    Yes you are, A.J. Cooper. Why don't you use your entire name, instead of initials? Voters need to know your entire name, not just your initials.

  • http://www.facebook.com/AntLorenzo Anthony Lorenzo

    AJ Cooper is right. The DC Democrats needs a change. It's sad he's the only candidate that has the balls to open his mouth and say something about it. Everyone else just want to keep the status quo, while nonstop complaining about the status quo.

  • Drez

    Wow. What a handsome young man.
    Amazing he doesn't he use a photo of himself on his campaign signs.
    @AL: Crap.
    He's a Cafritz, and they are a cornerstone of the DC Dem establishment.
    He'll not win any respect running away from who he is. His only shot is to own it.


    Drez, Cooper is not a Cafritz. His black aunt Peggy married into the white wealthy Cafritz family. I don't know if she's still married to the Cafritz man.

  • nowaitadaminit

    Drez, Drez, Drez, you're slippin' Cuz!!!!

  • Drez

    Cooper-Cafritz, Kennedy-Shriver.

  • NE Juanita

    Using the Independent brand is like hiring a prostitute. After you use us up, we are thrown out of the car and onto the pavement while wiping our mouths. Thanks a lot man.

  • doesn’t make sense

    don't understand how an uneducated, former bouncer at love, becomes a candidate for councilmember and 21,000 people vote for him, DC deserves what it gets.....

  • doesn’t make sense

    how is a former bouncer fit to be Councilmember, explain please

  • ToTheContrary

    Call him what you want so long as hypocrite ends the sentence.

  • http://ruckoneword@aol.com Knowone

    How do you figure he's uneducated and he worked it love Night club is very educated graduated from Maryland University get to know to man before you speak