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Morning Clicks

Colby King: Get your ass in gear, Ron Machen. [Post]

Mayor Vince Gray still acting really cagey about budget autonomy referendum. [Times]

D.C.'s fireboat is in rough shape, can't handle large-scale emergencies. [Examiner]

White people ruining pick-up soccer. [Post]

Gray says District will one day be a tech city. [WBJ]

Microsoft making planning easier for St. Elizabeths. [Examiner]

Gray really happy that federal oversight no longer needed of the District's disabled. [Examiner]

Top teachers to get raises faster. [WAMU]

  • nowaitadaminit

    Colby King is the worst media pimp in Washington. When there was much to discuss regarding the sound defeat of Romnesia; Carl Rove getting his ass kicked; and Dick Morris, Rush Limbaugh, etal somewhere hiding from thier benefactors, this dumb azz mofo is still trying to peddle trouble for his own hometown.

    Give it a gd break and man up, Dawg. You lookin like some Sambo dancin for your supper down there on 15th Street. Let them azzes carry their own water. Oh, that's right!!!! That's what they pay you to do; or do you do it on your own. Either way.........

    Now you want to rag on Machem. Let Machem and Gray both do their jobs. But then again, I guess it's your job to do what you do. You just sound STUPID doing it, that's all.

    Both Machem and Gray are quite capable of doing their jobs without coercion from you or your employer. Why do you and all those other asswipes want to see the Disrict of Columbia become mired in even more shit?