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Michael Brown in ’13?

Recently defeated Councilmember Michael Brown is seriously considering a run in next year's special election for a council at-large seat, according to several Wilson Building wags and Brown supporters.

"He's bouncing it around," says an adviser to Brown, who asked not to be named discussing Brown's deliberations. "He's not going to close that door."

Brown wasn't immediately available for comment, and declined to discuss whether he'd run when asked directly after he lost to David Grosso in last week's election. But the idea that he would consider another shot should hardly be surprising.

With Phil Mendelson's ascendency to the D.C. Council chairman's spot, an at-large seat like the one Brown just lost will be up grabs in a special election next spring. Plus, the vacant seat will be open to members of all political parties, unlike the seat Brown just lost. It's no secret that Brown has long sought to switch his party affiliation back to the Democratic Party after becoming an independent in order to win one of the two at-large seats the Home Rule Charter effectively reserves for non-Democrats. 

Whether Brown runs and whether he wins are two distinct questions. Brown will have plenty of the all-important name recognition in a low-turnout special election. But he's also been dogged by negative news regarding his personal and campaign finances and is just coming off running a pretty atrocious campaign. Brown would likely have to clear up what exactly happened to the $113,950 that went missing from his campaign's books and have a much more organized effort to be successful in the spring.

And his chances will depend on who else decides to contend for the spot. D.C. Democratic State Committee Chairman Anita Bonds has indicated she wants it. She tells LL that she's heard both that Brown is going to run and that he's not.

"I hope that he does not run," says Bonds, who adds that voters in last week's election made clear how they feel about Brown. "They had other choices, and they preferred the other choices."

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • DC Guy

    Of course she hopes he doesn't run, because he would be her main competition.

    I hope he does, so he can lose again and the District can be done with him.

  • http://www.anthonylorenzo.com Anthony Lorenzo

    I believe the voters made it clear on which direction they want to move our city in. The people of DC not only want but deserve competent leadership, not the status quo that has left many of us with the feeling of having no trust in DC government. Our next councilmember needs to be someone bold who is not afraid to tackle the issues while having pride in being ethical and responsible.

    If AJ Cooper decides to run again this spring, you already know he has my vote.

  • TM

    Oh, God please anyone but Anita Bonds. Anyone that involved in the clubby insider rot that is the DCDSC should never be allowed within ten miles of elected office.

    I agree with Anthony that of the other candidates that ran this fall, Cooper was the most appealing.

  • Drez

    Not Brown, not Barnes, not Cooper.
    Is there a door #4?

  • dcgovcorruption

    Anita Bonds has not been investigated to determine how she has
    handled financial matters while head of the democratic party in dc.
    Open up the books and release your tax returns.

  • just sayin

    Damn..man just go away

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  • anons

    Of course he will run. A no talent, fleecing on the city job is the only thing he is qualified for, and the only six figure salary he can get.

    If he had to get his own job, he would be flipping burgers at McD's

  • RealDC

    Run, Brown Run!!

    ... Anita Bonds, oh hell no! That is the one who was head of the DCDSC when they chose Bididdle. Nope, no way, no how!!

    Come on home Michael Brown and run as a Democrat!!

  • Ward 6 Voter

    Michael Brown should run. DC is running low on national jokes now that several of our so called leaders are in jail. Run Michael run. Prove to us once again you are a joke.

  • ToTheContrary

    We need some new young blood on the council who don't have daddy issues.


    Michael Brown, please give politics up and disappear from public sight. You're been an embarrassment to yourself, family, and D.C. voters. I heard, A.J. Cooper might run for this At-Large seat. If he does, I will vote for Mr. Cooper, not Michael Brown.

  • NE John

    Brown sounds too much like the runs

  • tim

    Michael Brown has no dignity. He should be ashamed of himself. However he feels entitled and is counting on low voter turn out to get elected.

    Sorry but this apple did fall very far from the tree. Ron Brown was a real leader and public servant.

    Michael Brown his son is just to self interested and in debt to not desire this council seat like the creature in the lord of the rings movies after the ring.

    Somebody heard Michael Brown say "My precious"

  • Molly Tenant

    Michael which one of your girlfriends are you visiting at 1990 M Street NW?

    Is she pretty? Is that the reason you don't pay your bills?

  • Sally

    Brown needs to take his narcissistic ass and just go away.