Loose Lips

Photo: Michael Brown Loses

Michael Brown Loses

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    LOL; good riddance.

  • NE John

    I'm wit ya Fish baby. Alleluia

  • Scotch

    Womp, womp.

  • maibaby523

    Glad he's out. Only wish Orange had gone with him!

  • vva

    i couldn't agree more maibaby523!

  • tony

    I hate to say it...but I told you so.

    Mr. Brown lost was due to "black electorate fatigue”. Many black folks east of the river opted to vote for AJ Cooper even though he could not win and this sharply reduced Mr. Brown’s support east of the river which ultimately led to his defeat.

    This sort of voting practice is usually counter-productive and could be very politically damaging for the east of the river community and black folks in general.

    First, the east of river community has given up a political office to a white candidate that it will never regain. In fact, never in the history of this city has a black candidate ever unseated a white incumbent. Never!

    Secondly, Mr. Gross owes the east of the river community absolutely nothing politically speaking. So when it comes budget time and he must decide whether to cut social services or raise taxes, he can make a decision that could be harmful to the black community without any political backlash. The same is true when it comes to denying Black Department Heads confirmation, reducing city contracts to black firms, allocating monies to charter schools over public schools, reducing funding for community based programs, cutting the city's social safety net, voting against the unions, voting against housing development programs, etc.

    Thirdly, the east of the river community by their vote yesterday has shifted the “balance of power” back to the white community. What this means is that there's enough white political clout on the council to now unilaterally determine the political, social, and economic future of this city without any or very little input from the black community. Specifically, David Catania, Jim Graham, Jack Evans, Tommy Wells, David Grosso, Phil Mendleson, and Mary Che will now determine the political future of the black community in this city. Virtually all white men.

    This reality is one of the reasons why I and others voiced the importance of black officials using their political power to empower their own financially. Both Mr. Michael Brown and Kwame Brown had their fingertips on an annual budget of nearly 9 BILLION DOLLARS for years. And they must ask themselves did they do enough to help their own people. Obviously, far too many black folks do not believe they did which in part led to both of these men political demise.

    I don’t know what the future hold for many black folks in this city particularly east of the river. I am afraid that the decision some of them made yesterday out of political vengeance may very well do more harm than good for years to come.

    We will see.


  • NE John

    black white blah blah blah.

  • SaveWard7

    Michael Brown lost because of Michael Brown!

  • SEis4ME

    @Tony, hunh? Care to start making some sense here?

    Based on the Ward breakdown, folks EOTR supported Brown over Grosso by a 46 to 8% margin. Not sure how that suggests we've somehow turned our political voice over to a white man..whatever that means.

    The fact that Grosso performed so poorly EOTR speaks to his decision not to consider the EOTR vote worthy of soliciting.

    Michael Brown did this to himself w/absolutely no help from those of us EOTR.

  • Really?


    You said nothing but the truth! The news outlets spinning MB’s story as a referendum on personal responsibility is pure BS. Michael Browns undoing was Michael Brown. Michael had no connection to the community. NONE! And he didn’t take the threat seriously, he did not work hard enough.

    Your analysis was spot on and the black community, those astute enough in policy will see a big shift in who gets what in this city.

  • nowaitadaminit

    A very astute observation, Tony.

    The situation you portray was bound to happen. We had a former crack dealer runnng in 8 and (God knows what Grasso was up to in his youth, and the way I understand it, even more recently) this weird White Dude winning the At-Large seat. That sneaky machine finally did it in DC proper, but not on Pennsylvania Avenue. As a lame duck POTUS can really cut loose now. That's why it wa so important for the proverbial 'them' to get Romnesia in. Didn't work, thank God.

    Sorry to see you go. Think you might slip back in with another handle?????

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