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Game on [Post]

Mary Cheh displeased with ex-pal Mayor Vince Gray's speed camera proposal. [Examiner]

Continued dysfunction at DYRS? [Times]

Metro shouldn't stop running buses in Anacostia because of rock throwers. [Post]

To the Ward 7 voter(s?) who are guided by the Post: You'll vote for Barack Obama, David Grosso, Leon Swain and Ron Moten. [Post]

D.C.'s debt problems [Examiner]

Study prepared for the D.C. Economic Partnership finds that the partnership is worthy of public investment. [Examiner]

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    Alan: It's not Anacostia where they're talking about shutting down bus service. You fell into the same trap as the WaPo editorial board - calling everything EotR "Anacostia."

  • John

    Why hasn't Cheh offered up her own set of new fines related to camera enforcement. She has not done her job as head of Ddot and put any thought into a new fee structure.