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Grosso Claims Victory in At-Large Council Race

That's all, folks. Challenger David Grosso just declared victory in his at-large D.C. Council race over incumbent Michael Brown.

"The two words I got sick of hearing were 'conventional wisdom,'" he said. "Nobody thought we could win."

"Like my mom told you all in the kickoff a year and a half ago, accountabiliy is where it's at," he said, "and now I've got all you folks to hold me accountable."

"I also want to to thank Tommy Wells," he added, "the only councilmember who stepped up and endorsed me."

"D.C.'s going forward!" he concluded, to huge cheers from the crowd.

Things weren't quite so chipper at Brown HQ.

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  • http://www.twitter.com/LarryPretlow2 Larry T. Pretlow II

    I'm proud to see a new Councilmember. I didn't care too much for Michael Brown. Glad to see him go! Looking forward to Grosso!

  • Publius

    Wow, congratulations to Grosso. When he declared his candidacy way back when I admit I didn't think he had a chance in hell at beating Michael Brown.

  • Now Get To Work

    I honestly didnt think that Grosso would pull off the votes, but then again this was the only time Brown being an independant hurt him.

    Now that the dust has settled, I hope that Grosso's ethical challenge can generate some jobs, keep violence out of the neighborhoods, and bring more development to the city.

    Your a rookie, so you need to get to working immediately so that you arent known as the guy to turn to just to get Brown out of office.

    I can tell you one thing, putting all your faith in a guy like Tommy Wells is the quickest way to get put out of your seat.

    Ward 5 is already thinking about who can replace Duffie, as he hasnt dont a DAMN THING since he got on the council...

    But congrats...

  • NE John

    Good for Grosso, good for DC.

  • councilworker

    well since they press chose not to do full reporting on his 2 drug charges in florida or his altering government documents that he pled no contest to...i guess you would vote for him. he is no better than the others but if you going to report baggage on one report it on all of them

  • Alf

    "You've done a heckuva job, Brownie!"

  • AG

    I worked with David at the Council previously and couldn't be prouder of him right now. Way to go buddy!

  • Sally

    @councilworker - Are you actually a Council staffer? Because you sound rather illiterate.

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    LOL@Sally; noted and agreed.

  • newdc

    @councilstaffer is David Meadows, Brown's former press person and he's about as illerate as he sounds. He sent out newsletter from Anita Bonds and misspelled literacy. That should tell you everything you need to know.