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Fired Health Care Finance COO Sues City for $5 million

The former chief operating officer of the city's Department of Health Care Finance is suing the city for wrongful termination, saying she was fired, defamed, and humiliated for pointing out problems with a potential contractor with the city's forthcoming $70 million health insurance exchange.

Jennifer Campbell was fired in June over allegations that she tried to steer business towards some minority-owned firms and away from others. In court records filed yesterday, Campbell says those allegations are false. Further, she says she's entitled to whistleblower protection because she raised issues about abnormalities with a bid from CGI, a large I.T. firm that was interested in bidding on the health exchange contract, for another city contract. Allegations made by a vice president at CGI that Campbell was telling the company whom to partner with contributed to her dismissal.

Exchanges like the ones the District is setting up are the key parts of President Barack Obama's health care overhaul.

One of the minority-owned firms that Campbell was allegedly trying to help was a company owned by Darryl Wiggins, who has ties to Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser and former Mayor Adrian Fenty. Wiggins strongly denies doing anything improper or knowing about any improper behavior.

Campbell says the District also treated her poorly when it fired her, starting with the fact that she learned of her dismissal from LL's blog. She's suing for $5 million, lost wages, and attorney's fees. Her attorney has not returned calls seeking comment. Turnage declined to comment.

Here's Campbell's complaint:

  • rezInWard4

    For "some reason" a comment posted in the linked article from June 2012 is no longer there. It specifically responded to this quote from Wiggins, and cited a council hearing to GIVE him a political appointment 2 years ago : "I don't deal in political hook ups," Wiggins says. "I don't operate this way."

    (Said comment was there this morning...now it's gone.)

    In other words, he's not unlike others lined up at the trough, he is entrenched.

  • just sayin

    PR 18-189, “Public Employee Relations Board Darryl Wiggins Confirmation Resolution of 2009"

  • nowaitadaminit

    MM: Pardon my ignorance and lack of interest to read the entire complaint (couldn't stay focused beyond page 12), but why was Fenty listed as a defendant in this matter?

  • Peeps 4 Da Truth

    Maybe this suit will focus some attention on Mr. Turnage, Mr G. Nathan (His Compass Solutions defacto Partner), and CGI's history with Wayne Turnage. Every vendor in this city should be up in arms to know two vendors CGI and Compass Solutions have such access to decision makers who control billions of dollars in contracts. Yet Mr turnage claims to desire all things be above board and reproach...LOL!!! Let's also ask how a Nigerian owned "computer" company (Compass Solutions) has managed to get Healthcare contracts and diversify into construction, Healthcare and many other areas within the District reportedly worth over $12 million annually. Peeps 4 da truth hopes this entire issue is fully investigated. Let give the public the fact finding required, while revealing the truth and providing the removing any thoughts of inappropriate behavior for all of the District and vendors who try and do business there. Mr. Turnage should support this as he so claims to protect it...wink wink! We can even give him due process, he even though he clearly didn't give Dr. Campbell the same!

  • sticktoyourguns

    Ties to Bowser...that is her boyfriend!! Yeah there are some ties there.

  • nothingnew

    Is any one surprise by this. DCHCF finance is wasting millions of dollars. People are getting rich off of this agency. Dig deeper into the agency financial transactions much will be discovered. Look closely at Turnage......my my my........

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