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Morning Clicks

DC pols tweet during storm. Muriel Bowser loses power. Tommy Wells hits his favorite bar. Vince Gray is an expert on construction cranes [NBC4]

Nat Gandhi and Jack Evans are too cozy, says Jonetta   [Examiner]

Road paving behemoth (and certified CBE) Fort Myer Construction wants the city to hand over $7.4 million, "including $500,000 for finishing the job early —though the project was finished well after the deadline." [WBJ]

Jim Graham doesn't feel like he needs to be investigated again [Blade]

  • Drez

    Ft. Meyer &Assoc operate like a cartel/trust.
    They need to be broken up.
    DC taxpayers pay 20% premium for having to deal with them.

  • rezInWard4

    So now Bowser knows how the "little people" felt during the derecho.

  • Endorsement of Death

    Of course Wells is at a bar. As long as Capital Hill is in good shape, he could give a rats ass about anything else that goes on in the city

  • Lisa Jackson

    Bowser actually lost power in the derecho too! She was on my block today in Petworth checking on things! Thanks Ms. Bowser!


    @lisa jackson-oh, please! When the derecho hit and majority of Ward 4 was still without power in 100 degree hit. After 5 days with no power, it was real disturbing to see Bowser marching in the parade over in Ward 3 passing out green balls! She had the nerve to give Sherwood an interview, meanwhile Ward 4 is sweating in the dark! Cheh did not march in the parade because her residents were still with out power. But not ol' Bowser, she was right there!

    Its so sad that nobody challenged Bowser in Ward 4 because her "lights" have never been on. And Pepco has nothing to do with her "outage". Just ask any Ward 4 resident that has been here since 2007. For Real!

  • ward4!!

    @realDC- You are right! Her lack of self-awareness is amazing! She is clueless on every level.

  • just sayin

    LOL@RealDC. Yes, Bowser is clueless and while she has her pet communities, she does little or nothing for others.

  • nowaitadaminit

    @Lisa Jackson: I KNOW WHY YOU LIKE BOWSER.