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Morning Clicks

Super long lines frustrate early voters. [Post]

OCF completes audit of Vincent Orange's campaign, doesn't bother to investigate suspicious money orders tied to Jeff Thompson. [Post]

Post endorses Mendo, Ron Moten [Post]

Michael Brown wants taller buildings outside city's core. [Examiner]

Brown went to college, smoked pot, wants more development east of the river. [HC]

Brown: "Anytime a legislative body has low approval numbers, it could put people who are up that particular year in some kind of jeopardy" [AP]

Marion Barry doesn't know why young men "love to throw rocks" at buses in Ward 8. New Seventh Police District commander baffled as to why MPD is punting on preventing rock-throwing [Post]

At-large candidates could make for decent reality show. [Post]

Former head of Howard University police union charged with theft. [Examiner]

Pepco: We're prepared this time, promise. [WAMU]

  • nowaitadaminit

    Lord Have Mercy!!!!
    The Washington Post endorsed an admitted crack distribution convicted felon over an incumbent elected official to represent Ward 8. Hmph! Wonder what the difference is between Marion Barry with his misdemeanor weed conviction and the misguided Moten? What is the difference between a $1500 mess compared to the $millions Moten and his gang of thieves got from Fenty? For which they never had to provide an accurate account, by the way.

    Goes to show how much credibility WaPo endorsements matter. If I was a WaPo employee, I'd be looking through the want ads and contacting the major head hunters for a job STAT. That former force of journalism is going down, down, down.....
    right into the toilet with Ron Moten.

    Damn Vince, what chu do to WaPo to make them so pissed with you and your peeps?

  • Sally

    Vincent Orange is truly a bamma's bamma.

  • nowaitadaminit

    Damn VO, what CHU do to piss off Sally?

  • mizluvsco

    @waitaminit #1: Do you mean besides kicking the Feinsters Ass in spite of his WaPo endorsement?????

  • seDCdude

    Sally needs a good dose of BBC it would seem, just as the WAPO needs a swift kick in the METRO section for that endorsement, WOW, please consider why the consumate nincomepoot MOTEN is even remotely taken seriously, makes you wonder for REAL!!

  • SaveWard7

    Except for RM and his "followers" no one in Ward 7 takes him seriously!!!! As for the washington post, I must now cancel my subscription - they must be his new "exclusive" customers!!!