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  • Sally

    This is the editorial that Vinny "Bullshit Bullfrog" Orange was whining on Twitter that the City Paper had ignored: "Vincent Orange, D-at large, did himself no favors when he staged a dais-pounding hissy fit in protest, or when he accepted questionable donations from Medicaid contractor Jeffrey Thompson."

    Orange Bama.

  • So Sketchy

    Awww shut up Sally, bullfrog is the best candidate thats why he will win in November. Jeff Thompson nor Orange are facing jailtime nor have they been charged with any wrongdoing.

    Gray and Orange!!!

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    'bullfrog' (never heard that one before - would love to know the genesis of it) will win because he has a D after his name. nothing more, nothing less. people in this town would vote for a corpse if it was the democratic candidate.

  • nowaitadaminit

    Hell, we did vote for a corpse.
    I just won't say which one.
    .......And we'll do it again if we want to.

  • IMahdi LeroyJ. Thorpe, Jr.

    I love Congresswoman Norton, she is the prime example today,of how a Black woman today should carry themselves and conduct business.

    Congresswoman Norton is a real sister, educated, self conscious and confident of her Black heritage, attractive and not afraid to be Black and speak her mind. She is in the same Black historical prominence of late Harriet Tubman, Congresswoman Babara Jordan, Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm, Malcolm X, Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, Jr, Sojourner Truth and Congressman Perren Mitchell.

    Congresswoman knows whom she is and doe's not have to be validated by any system or culture to be relevant in America's society.

    Every Black woman in America who want's to be respected and successful should study Congresswoman Norton - I am thankful to Allah to have lived to meet Congresswoman Norton and call her a friend.