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Barry Misses Campaign Finance Reporting Deadline

Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry's re-election campaign missed the Oct. 10 filing deadline with the Office of Campaign Finance as well as an extension that ended Friday, an OCF spokesman says. Barry will have to explain why he didn't file on time and faces the possibility (though very remote) of having to pay fines, OCF Wesley Williams says.

Barry is a sure bet to win re-election in November's general election after dispatching a handful of opponents in Democratic primary this spring. But his campaign finances look to be a mess. Besides missing the most recent filing deadline, Barry's Aug. 10 report showed that his campaign was $9,300 in the hole.

Barry was sued over unpaid debts tied to his last campaign in 2008. He never bothered to reply to the lawsuit and wound up—surprise—losing that case, which led to a judge ordering his wages garnished.

When asked about his extension for the most recent filing, Barry tells LL that his campaign treasurer, Robert James, was responsible for ensuring the filings were submitted on time. "Let me find out what the heck is going on," says Barry. James wasn't immediately available for comment. LL will update as needed.

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    OCF is a total and utter joke. They won't issue any fines. They won't do any investigation.

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    Barry's "looking into it" like OJ's still looking for his ex-wife's and Ron Goldman's "real killers".

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    And Ward 8 gets better by the minute. Somebody tell those GGW boys!

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    Good lord, what a joke.

    When you don't get the development you want in your ward, ward 8, make sure you look in the mirror and remember who you voted for.

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    I heard the reason the deadline was missed because the campaign didn't want to bring attention to at least $6,000 being stolen from campaign coffers.

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    LL, he doesn't file on time because he doesn't care about those pesky rules. You oughta know that by now.

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    OCF needs to fine his campaign and make him live by the rules. He should not get away with his constant obuse of the law. This is why the DC gov. is laughing stock.

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    Hey, where are all the posts for the white crooks in DC?

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