Loose Lips

Morning Clicks

Out with Vincent Orange and Michael Brown says the Post, in with David Grosso and Leon Swain [Post]

Corporate donors relax, looks like would-be ballot initiative wasn't meant to be. [Post]

Traffic camera fines raise $85 million in fiscal 2012, up from $55 million a year before. [Examiner]

Deputy mayor for education De'Shawn Wright moving to New York. [Post]

Feds acting high when it comes to medical marijuana. [Times]

AG Irv Nathan goes after Maryland family that had a kid enrolled in DCPS. [Times]

Vince Gray creates taskforce to talk streetcar financing. [Housing Complex]

Gray asks Tony Williams to include tech tax break in tax commission's recommendations. [WBJ]

  • Endorsement of Death

    Everytime the WaPo likes someone they lose. I would stay as far away from the Washington Post as possible. They have no creditability when it comes to picking whats best for the city.

  • Typical DC BS

    Yeah, bozos. The voters of DC, having been left to their own devices, sure picks a bunch of winners like Graham, Barry, Thomas, etc.? Please, scummy DC voters need to start picking people like Mr. Swain, who does the right thing for the community and personal peril to himself.

    But, then again, the whining to become a state (snort) wouldn't have a purpose then, would it, if DC was run properly?

  • nowaitadaminit

    Hey Nana: The asshole probably doesn't live in DC in the first place. Swain??? Pulleeeze. Can somebody please explain what #3 is trying to say? This Friday evening martini is clouding things up.