Loose Lips

Morning Clicks

Eleanor Holmes Norton writes saucy tweets, deletes them. [City Desk]

Department of Health Care Finance tries to reassure Jeff Thompson's 110,000 Medicaid clients that all will be well. [WBJ]

Irv Nathan's office getting less and less transparent, now won't release opinion on budget autonomy. [Times]

Vince Gray not sounding keen on reducing speed camera fines. [WTOP]

Gray promises CBE overhaul. [Times]

Ethics board will open to public next month. [Examiner]

Gray wants D.C. to be senior-friendly. [Informer]

"What an irony — a generation raised on contempt for the ticky tacky little boxes in the suburb grows up to promote ticky tacky microunits in the city." [DC Watch]

  • Tremelo

    There is absolutely nothing "saucy" about the expression "shot his wad." It doesn't refer to ejaculation. It's as old as dirt and has been used in many non-obscene settings, many many times. Get with it.