Loose Lips

Mess at Jeff Thompson’s Medicaid Company in “Seven Figure” Range

As if Jeff Thompson doesn't have enough problems. The man at center of the federal investigation into Mayor Vince Gray's campaign is about to soon lose control of his Medicaid contracting company, Chartered Health Plan, after an internal audit found financial irregularities.

Details of those irregularities have been scarce. According to city officials, they fall into two broad categories: unsourced receipts and an unreported transfer out of the company. In both cases, the problems are in the "seven figure" range, city officials say. Chartered is expected to refile paperwork with the Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking soon detailing where the money came from and where it went.

Several city officials say the company, which insures about 110,000 District residents, is almost certainly headed to receivership, with the city taking control from Thompson, the current sole owner. City officials say action could be taken as early as tomorrow. An attorney for Thompson did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

Screengrab courtesy Charles Parsons

  • HomeSchooled

    Irony here:

    Cantania screams his bald little head off at Gandhi about oversight at the OCFO. Whose committee has oversight of this whole mess? Ah-ha! that would be you, david!

  • Drez

    Pretty sure Catania is not responsible for the internal finances at Chartered. Only for overseeing for council whether the services are performed per contract.
    You might as well say Gray is responsible. It's his agency that does business with them.

  • Ward 2+2

    If Gray is responsible then do not forget Fenty and Williams as well. Thompson started under Williams and continued under Fenty and Gray.

    He supported all three mayors with a pile of cash and his mob. Check the facts!

    Gray did no more or less than Fenty when it comes to Thompson and his financial support. Just look at the donor reports for both. Look at Fenty's donor list for the 2006 race, same crew.

  • Drez

    The difference is the off the books and proxy donationd and the fake campaign finance ledgers and shadow campaign that Gray ran.
    In short, legal vs all sorts of illegal.

  • nowaitadaminit

    And the $5m Fenty Bounty?????