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Now that Metro has said bad things about Jim Graham, someone in D.C. government should too, says Colby King [Post]

Do federal prosecutors just take homicide cases they can win so their stats look good to future employers? [Post]

Where's the affordable housing? [Examiner]

Eleanor Holmes Norton hoping lame duck Congress will approve budget autonomy. [WAMU]

Nat Gandhi's free ride ends now, says Post columnist. [Post]

Gandhi needs to get his act together, Post editorial board says. [Post]

King says IG should "resign in shame." [Post]

Vincent Orange: Vicky Wilcher never worked for my campaign. [Post]

Vince Gray presents plans for St. Es. [Post]

  • Truth hurts

    Colby's right, but don't hold your breath. This city council hasn't demonstrated any interest in holding its own accountable.

  • tony

    Nat Gandhi's time is up. It's time for him to go!I will have more to say later about this man who have essentially controlled the city purse strings for years only to thumb his nose at the black community.

  • Typical DC BS

    This city's Ward 1 voters are to blame for Jim Graham. The man has made a hash of EVERY organization he's been part of, starting with Whitman-Walker. He gets away with it because his supporters play the politically correct card (whining "He's gay, so he gets a pass") whenever called to account about his incompetent or unethical behavior).

  • nowaitadaminit

    @ TH: Care to qualify that #1 comment?
    Or is Marion Barry just a ball of wax in a museum?