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Howard Brooks, the Gray campaign aide who paid Sulaimon Brown and then lied about it, gets two years probation. [Post]

Nat Gandhi gets grilled. [Post]

Ward 8 school board member Trayon White accused of truancy by political rival. [Informer]

Ballpark costs: too hot for the Post? [City Desk]

Nats lose, but city keeps control. [Examiner]

  • Cardinals Fan

    As long as the Nats lose, DC residents will not complain. If they win and people celebrate then the residents around the stadium will complain.

    Keep the Nats horrible, you keep the residents happy. That's what happens when you deal with fake fans who criticized your government officials heavily for bringing Baseball to DC, then complain about the noise and the costs to maintain a playoff calibur team and stadium.

    What a bunch of backwards losers HAHAHAHAH!

  • Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe< Jr

    Phil Pannnell and Anthony Muhmmad was the right pick for the Ward 8 State Board of Education seat from day one. Phil Pannell is the James Baldwin for injustice and the lack of opportunity for residents living in Ward 8 - give Phil a shot at the polls if you want a leader that will work hard for you.

  • Typical DC BS

    @Cardinals Fan: Hope you have to go back to St. Louis after we wax your butts today and tomorrow . Regardless, if you live there, you're the sorry loser. St. Louis is an armpit.

  • Welllllllll!!!!!

    Phil Pannell is a Pompous Azz. He spouts negativity everywhere I've seen him. Always trying to get some controversial 'stuff' started.

    Anthony Muhammad seems to be a nice guy though not everybody I know agrees with that statement.

  • Lester

    Phil Pannell has a history of childish behavior and quitting organizations when he does not get his way. He will be an embarassment to DC

  • ann

    Phil Pannell is the best choice for Ward 8. He works hard and will get things done. We need change and He is better for it.

  • ann

    Mahdi, I totally agree with you. Give Phil a shot at the polls! I have watched him for years and he is on the scene, working hard in this Ward. Give Phil A Chance!