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Kwame Brown Gets a Curfew

Kwame Brown Gets a Curfew

If disgraced former D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown has any late night plans between now and his Nov. 13 sentencing for bank fraud, he'd better cancel them. After missing three pretrial phone check-ins, Brown was put on a curfew by Judge Richard Leon at a hearing this morning.

"This isn't the way you position yourself most favorably for your sentencing," Leon told Brown. Brown missed phone check-ins, one each in June, July, and September. Despite Brown's excuses—traveling, or contacting pretrial services ahead of a call—Leon doubted that Brown's lawyer, Fred Cooke Jr., wouldn't have explained the pretrial call rules to him.

"I will be making every single call whenever asked of me," Brown told Leon. But he won't be making phone call check-ins anymore—under Leon's new rules, Brown now must check with pretrial services in person.

Leon spoke harshly to Brown, warning him not to tempt fate and returning to the theme that Brown had exhausted his three strikes. "Don't be back here until your day of sentencing, you hear me?" Leon told Brown, shaking his finger at him.

Under his new curfew, Brown has to be home between 11 p.m. and 6:30 a.m. every night. Leon initially wanted the curfew to end at 7 a.m., but agreed to a request from Cooke to make it end earlier so Brown can drive his children in the morning.

In an elevator after the hearing, Brown claimed to be amazed that so many reporters came to his hearing instead of covering problems at Natwar Gandhi's Office of the Chief Financial Officer.

But he spent most of the ride talking to a woman in the elevator about the weather. "It's going to be a cold winter," Brown told her.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Welllllllll!!!!!

    Kwame! Kwame!! Kwame!!!

    You disappoint me. I'm tryin hard here to support you unconditionally, but you keep on actin' like some entitled spoiled azz brat who doesn't have to play by the rules. WTF does the Nat Gandhi hearing have to do with anything related to your non-compliance and violations of the terms of your pre-sentencing guidelines?

    I had a negative encounter with your father one time and that should have let me know what to expect from you. After all they keep saying apples don't fall far from the tree. But NO!!! I kept giving you the benefit of the doubt. NO MORE.


    Who do you and Marshall Brown think you are? Marion Barry or somebody. Now him, I still support unconditionally. He has earned it. But you and your parenting/leadership challenged father.......

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    Kwame, I was so disappointed and hurt by your actions. Please do what you are supposed to do and try to keep a low profile. You made your bed and now you have to lay in it.

  • doofus

    I knocked on 400 doors for this dummy! FML

  • Truth hurts

    Guess he won't be attending any night Nats playoff games that might run late.

  • LMAO

    You was a sorry, little, wanna be (fraud) lying piece of shit at Wilson SHS and remains a fraud and failure. You haven't done shit right/good your entire life. You've been a fraud all you life and finally the world will see you for the loser you really are. You were a loser in high school, you are a loser now, and you will forever be a loser. LOOK, you’re a Felon now, get use to it. Being a convict isn’t that bad, ask your brother and soon your daddy (he's always been a criminal just hadn't got caught)…..!!!!! LMAO, I can’t wait until the Judge sends your little DL Azz to jail. I’m sure you're secretly looking forward to the experience-

  • Cap City Records Panhandler

    Kwame is a scrub who listens to 'Pac at night -- the KMart version -- and has visions of being somebody when walking the yard. How wrong he is.

    He thinks it sweet. He'll see it aint.

  • Welllllllll!!!!!

    Damn!! I ain't mean to get all that shit started. I was just givin' him a little well deserved spankin. Besides, the max is only 6 months, right?

    Anyway, KB, see what you have wrought from your loyal supporters. It hurts, man. It really hurts. You are givin the kool-aid drinkers a straw. Man da fuck up and do what chu gotta do. If you get stepped back now it's your own damn fault.

    Marshall shouldn't have had to, but he should have stayed on your azz to make sure you followed the pre-sentencing guidelines. If he had been on his job in this instance it may have saved you some in da house time. But no, he isn't as diligent in that forum as he was in trying to advise you about how to do your former jobs. See what that got you? He should be standing in the dock with you. Shame on him and shame on you.

    Just remember, the way you walk in dat joint is the way you walk out. Some of them will want braggin rights on doin time wit da man. Play on that, Dawg. You'll earn some street creds that way. Somethin you can use when you're back on the street or off parole.

    There are some programs you can get involved with that will help you gain a modicum of self-respect. It isn't like you were on it or something (I Hope!!!). You owned up to doin' the crime, now man up and own up and do the time. That's the mantra you'll have to utilize with the F word attached to your name for the rest of your natural life. (Ask Bill Borders). Don't make it worse by tryin to scam that damn JUDGE. He ain't hearin it and neither are those with the F word attached to their names who have to follow the same rules. AND DO. Some of them are some baaadd (shut you mouf) mofos. You feelin' me here?

    Make me Happy and do the right thing, Homey.

  • ReddoorMo

    Kwame is a selfish, self-centered, narcissistic Bitch. He’s getting everything he deserves. The judge should have stepped his coward ass back.

  • John

    He continues to ignore the law and thinks he is above it.

  • jab00

    Anyone who voted for KB is an ignorant moron. I knew he was bad news when his personal finances was reported to be in shambles. The guy is a criminal. The people who voted for him are low lives.

  • Lexus Variance

    Just think about this...Kwame used to create and pass legislation (laws) for us citizens to follow. Yet, he can't even follow simple instructions from a judge...make a phone call once a month!!! How stupid can he be???

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