Loose Lips

Morning Clicks

Ron Machen will look pretty dumb posing for this picture if he doesn't bring a case against the mayor. [Washingtonian]

UDC planning giants cuts. [Examiner]

Councilmembers not sharing potential conflicts of interests as planned. [Examiner]

Extra cost to city taxpayers per Nats playoff game: $76,000 [Post]

Michael Brown's old nonprofit questioned over taxes. [Post]

Harry Jaffe: Unions shouldn't be backing Brown. [Examiner]

Airports board expansion approved. [Post]

Mary Cheh proposes more parking for handicapped. [NBC4]

Lawmakers weigh plan to force new city workers who don't live in the city to forgo some of their income. [Examiner]

  • ToTheContrary

    I'm becoming more and more unimpressed by Ron Machen.

    He is becoming an egomaiac media whore.

    He is so yesterday.

  • DC Antics

    I want to see some results. I understand the investigative process is a lot like peeling an onion but geesh ... Can we get closure?

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    UDC planning giants cuts

    Getting rid of the grocery store, eh?

  • nowaitadaminit

    Sounds like the spokesperson has more legal sense than the boss. It concerns me that Mr. Machen had to be reminded what to say and not say during the interview.

    I am beginning to understand more and more why Mayor Gray's attorney has advised him to say absolutely nothing at all about the ongoing investigation.

    Maybe Mr. Machen should hire Bill Bennett to counsel him.