Loose Lips

Morning Clicks

Michael Brown's former campaign aides take the extraordinary step of publicly bashing their former boss. [Post]

Former environment boss says Gray admin fired him for being a whistleblower. [Times]

Mayor's spokesman says extra $23 million in speed camera revenues shows "there are a lot of people breaking the law." [Examiner]

Phil Mendelson doesn't like Virginia Republican's proposal to give more control of airports board to Virginia. [WAMU]

City not paying vendors in reasonable amount of time, small businesses complain. [Examiner]

Church fights historic label. [Post]

The proposed new Ballou [Post]

  • Tiny Tim

    Michael Brown can be charming and shows up to events, but earned his salary he has not. He has no record of significant accomplishments. He is still riding on his late father's coattails. He has not earned our vote. Time to elect someone who will work hard and make some important contributions to the city.