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Who Do You Know?

We all know Keith Lomax can drive.
When former Mayor Adrian Fenty was in office, Lomax used to chauffeur Hizzoner around in a District-owned vehicle. Then the media made a fuss, and Fenty apologized for letting his friend and former substitute teacher drive him around in violation of city laws.
What’s less clear is what Lomax does [...]

Shorter Firefighters Shifts Still a Ways Off, Like Maybe Forever

One of the lone bits of non-Sandy D.C. news today was the Washington Times' story about an arbitrator finding that Fire Chief Ken Ellerbe had retaliated against fire union boss Ed Smith.
Retaliating public safety bosses is old hat in D.C., so the chances of this story going anywhere are slim. But it did remind LL [...]

Morning Clicks

Pepco boss wonders where the love is. [Post]
Arbitrator says fire chief unlawfully tried to punish union boss. [Times]
Phil Mendelson and Board of Elections don't agree on intent of banning-felons-from-elected-office proposal. [DCist]
D.C. GOP leadership is "impotent," says Jaffe. [Examiner]

Enough With the Pepco Love!

Pardon LL for interrupting the Pepco love-fest going on. The previously much-maligned electric utility  just received a hearty "attaboy" from Mayor Vince Gray and other city officials at a news conference.
"I don't know what they could have done better," says Gray.
LL does: not been so crappy to begin with.
It's a testament to just how slipshod [...]

Morning Clicks

DC pols tweet during storm. Muriel Bowser loses power. Tommy Wells hits his favorite bar. Vince Gray is an expert on construction cranes [NBC4]
Nat Gandhi and Jack Evans are too cozy, says Jonetta   [Examiner]
Road paving behemoth (and certified CBE) Fort Myer Construction wants the city to hand over $7.4 million, "including $500,000 for finishing [...]

VO’s Tin Ear

Friday afternoon, Councilmember Vincent Orange took to Twitter to crow about the fact that the Office of Campaign Finance had completed an audit of Orange's 2011 campaign and made no referrals to federal law enforcement agencies or the newly formed Board of Ethics.
That's about as sad as Councilmember Jim Graham boasting about the time he [...]

Morning Clicks

Super long lines frustrate early voters. [Post]
OCF completes audit of Vincent Orange's campaign, doesn't bother to investigate suspicious money orders tied to Jeff Thompson. [Post]
Post endorses Mendo, Ron Moten [Post]
Michael Brown wants taller buildings outside city's core. [Examiner]

Chartered’s Crappy Record

Yesterday, District officials put a number—$4 million— to the so-called "financial irregularities" occurring at Chartered Health Plan, the Medicaid managed care organization that the city recently seized from alleged shadow campaign financier Jeff Thompson.
Chartered's books can't account for $3 million in revenue and $1 million in expenses. Specific details about where this money came and [...]

Morning Clicks

Vincent Orange points out that Jeff Thompson is no longer contributing to local campaigns. [Post]
Did Thompson put the healthcare of 110,000 poor residents at risk because he's being greedy over the sale price of Chartered Health? [Post]
Examiner editorial wonders if Nat Gandhi should be fired. [Examiner]

How VO Says He Landed An Endorsement

Today on WPFW, LL and Councilmember Vincent Orange had a discussion about the veracity of LL's reporting concerning Orange's 2011 special election. LL has reported at length on the links between the key players (Jeff Thompson, Vernon Hawkins, Jeanne Clarke Harris) in the alleged shadow campaign that U.S. Attorney Ron Machen says illegally helped get [...]