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Gray Fine With Higher Taxes, Just Not for Techies

It's tough to find a coherent theme in Mayor Vince Gray's tax policy. Last year, he pushed for an increase on the marginal income tax rates of higher earners over the objections of critics like Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans, who said the District's taxes are already too high and even higher taxes would encourage rich [...]

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Who's gonna drive you home? There's a good chance it won't be Michael Brown, who's had his license suspended five times over the past eight years. [Post]
DYRS bragging about shit it's supposed to do. [Times]
Those promised defamation lawsuits against Sulaimon Brown never happened, reminds Colby King. [Post]

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Michael Brown: "There is no higher ethics than blowing the whistle on your own organization." [Examiner]
Post suggests Nat Gandhi may be hiding something [Post]
Vince Gray still keen on early ed [Times]

Jeff Thompson Looking For Quick Sale on Downtown Office Building

If you're in the market for a great deal on downtown real estate, you may want to give Jeff Thompson a call.
The man in the middle of a federal investigation into an alleged shadow campaign the feds say helped Mayor Vince Gray win the 2010 election is currently selling the crown jewel of his real [...]

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Peter Shapiro plans to run again when Mendo's seat opens up. Sekou Biddle "refused to answer questions" about his plans. [Informer]
Adrian Fenty has nothing to say about federal probe of his former opponent. [Fox5]
Lawyer for Councilmember Michael Brown's former campaign treasurer goes after Brown on Facebook. Brown says his former treasurer should be worried about [...]

Jeff Thompson Has No Worries

For a man at the center of a wide-ranging federal investigation into a vast shadow campaign prosecutors say helped Mayor Vince Gray win the 2010 election, Jeff Thompson sure doesn't look too worried.
At least he didn't two weeks ago, when he sat for a lengthy deposition as part of an ongoing legal battle over a [...]

Lawyer Calls Michael Brown Many Bad Names

The lawyer for Councilmember Michael Brown's former campaign treasurer says on his Facebook page that the at-large councilmember is a miser, may be a thief, and has a "morally depraved composition."
"I never was much into D.C. politics, but I do know a Rat when I smell one," writes J. Wyndal Gordon, the self-proclaimed "warrior lawyer" [...]

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Michael Brown on having $113,000 stolen from his campaign: plenty of people and institutions have been stolen from. Guy who Brown says stole says he's being made the "fall guy." [Times]
Anita Bonds wants Mendo's seat [Post]
Adrian Fenty on public radio today to talk about shadow campaign, er, teachers strike in Chicago. [NPR]
"If you did something illegal [...]

Lorraine Green’s Daughter Vouches for Howard Brooks

In the lead up to sentencing for lying to FBI agents about making payments to Sulaimon Brown, former Gray campaign Howard Brooks has sent a letter asking to be spared jail time. "This is a fall from grace I would not wish on worst enemy," Brooks says of the punishment he's already received from having [...]

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Michael Brown's campaign missing $113,000, some of which disappeared last year [Post]
But Brown did survive a ballot challenge [WAMU]
Howard Brooks was super snitch, probably won't get prison time as a result [Examiner]
Colby King explains how D.C. government works: "So, you know, I sort of see this [Jeff Thompson] was recycling. I mean this was money [...]