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Morning Clicks

Park police really screwed over security guard [Times]
DMV boss doesn't care if District residents who drove too fast in Virginia get royally screwed [Post]
Marion Barry trips, is okay [@marionbarryjr]
Commuter tax: not gonna happen [Examiner]

CBE Problems: Where’s Lew?

If you haven't seen it already, LL wrote this week's cover story about the District's broken Certified Business Enterprise program. Much of the story centers on the recent $62 million renovation at Anacostia High School, where the owner of a CBE-certified company, EEC of DC, says he was essentially used as a front by a [...]

Morning Clicks

Private prison contractor giving innmate a heads up before doing contraband search, prison guards say [Times]
Michael Brown calls into tv show to call opponent Mary Brooks Beatty a liar [TBD]
Jeff Thompson's old accounting firm gettin' paid by D.C. workers' retirement plans [AP]
Vince Gray getting rid of some useless boards and commissions [Examiner]

Gandhi to Celebrate Reappointment in Style

CFO Nat Gandhi, whose office being looked at by two separate FBI investigations, plans to celebrate his reappointment to a third term in style this evening at the private Metropolitan Club.
Gandhi is hosting a "wine and cheese reception" at the tony club, whose list of rules looks pretty strict.
For gentlemen this means the wearing of [...]

Morning Clicks

The Certified Business Enterprise program affects how hundreds of millions of dollars (if not more) are spent each year. And guess what: There's practically zero oversight. [City Paper]
Council tells Mayor Vince Gray where to put his lower taxes for techies proposal. [WBJ]
Post tells the greedy Nats to stop being so greedy. [Post]

The Goo-Goo Posse

The resignation of former D.C. Council Chairman Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown, after he pleaded guilty to bank fraud, will probably lead to exactly what his victory in the chairman’s race did: a special election to fill an at-large seat.
Brown’s departure meant a promotion for current Chairman Phil Mendelson, who is almost certain to win a [...]

Michael Brown: Trust Me With Your Money

Councilmember Michael Brown, whose current campaign is missing nearly $114,000, wants to the public to pony up funds for future D.C. campaigns.
Brown introduced legislation today that would set up a task force to study publicly financed campaigns. Brown says he envisions the city adopting a similar system to the one used in New York City, with matching [...]

Morning Clicks

Michael Brown hunkers down, gets some union endorsements. [Post]
Phil Mendelson wants you to believe in the D.C. Council. [Times]
Kenyan McDuffie wants to put you back to work. [Examiner]

Vincent Orange Strikes a Pose

D.C. Councilmember Vincent Orange attended a recent fundraiser for the Greater Washington Sports Alliance with one of his council staffers Beth Webster. The party featured one of those photobooths that's all the rage at wedding receptions and the like these days. Orange and Webster, who city records show makes $72,000 a year as the director [...]

Morning Clicks

Marion Barry on one of his colleague's popularity:  "Michael Brown is not that popular, but he is not unpopular either." [Post]
Jack Evans wants to end council approval of contracts, which he calls "the crux of the problem." [Times Examiner]
Homeless residents give Jim Graham and Brown earfuls. "Council members, man, they like real criminals." [WAMU]