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Kwame Due in Court for “Violation” Hearing

What is up with Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown? A new docket entry filed today says the former D.C. Council chairman is due in court Oct. 9 for a "hearing on violation."

But what is this alleged "violation?" That's the question. The U.S. Attorney's Office ain't talking, Brown's lawyer didn't respond to requests for comment, and two dudes with law degrees LL spoke with said it could be anything.

Brown was set to appear in court in November for sentencing after pleading guilty to bank fraud this summer. Earlier this month, Judge Richard Leon delayed Brown's orginial sentencing date in order to allow Brown to "complete his cooperation." As part of his plea deal, Brown agreed to "cooperate completely, candidly and truthfully in any criminal investigation."

Leon also ordered Brown to make weekly calls to pretrial services, reside at his Hillcrest home, and stay in the D.C. area between his guilty plea and sentencing.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Kwame the Crook

    He should be in jail. Kwame is a crook and inept, self interested individual.

  • Cap City Records Panhandler

    Dirty urine.... happens to the weakest of 'em

  • Cap City Records Panhandler

    Kwame is the weakest

  • Lobby Rat

    No, Jim Graham is the worst by far.

  • Michael Lamont Proctor Sr.

    I mean you can't get any hotter than VO's pictures with staffer! Those pictures were hace calor with his hands on her chiquita.

  • DC Antics

    That any DC politician would "cooperate completely, candidly, and truthfully" is laughable.

  • El Perro Sato

    "In order" should never be used in front of the word "to" or the word "for." You can simply write "to" or "for."

    For example:

    Earlier this month, Judge Richard Leon delayed Brown's orginial sentencing date to allow Brown to "complete his cooperation."

    "In order" means something is working properly.

  • John

    Hopeless violator of laws!

  • NE John

    His feces came up smelly