Loose Lips

Morning Clicks

The Certified Business Enterprise program affects how hundreds of millions of dollars (if not more) are spent each year. And guess what: There's practically zero oversight. [City Paper]

Council tells Mayor Vince Gray where to put his lower taxes for techies proposal. [WBJ]

Post tells the greedy Nats to stop being so greedy. [Post]

Mary Cheh is pro-robot car. [DCist]

New plans for MLK library. [Post]

Tommy Wells wants classrooms to have guinea pigs, Marion Barry wants prisoners to have facetime with their visitors, and Barry and Jack Evans want to study gambling. [Post]

Layoffs possible at UDC. [Examiner]

  • mizluvsco

    UDC layoffs? That's a laugh. People don't come to work until they feel like it anyway. Try getting something done before noon in one of the departments. Try interupting some of the staff while the soaps are on. Try getting administratative matters taken care of without getting much attitude and some head rolling. Hopefully things have changed, but a few years ago, the entire place was a joke. Vindictive, spiteful instructors. Some excellent professors were on the faculty however. Much less than those laughable creeps with their DTB's: Degrees they bought.