Loose Lips

Gandhi to Celebrate Reappointment in Style

CFO Nat Gandhi, whose office being looked at by two separate FBI investigations, plans to celebrate his reappointment to a third term in style this evening at the private Metropolitan Club.

Gandhi is hosting a "wine and cheese reception" at the tony club, whose list of rules looks pretty strict.

For gentlemen this means the wearing of a suit, jacket or blazer and neck tie (string ties, ascots, and turtlenecks are not acceptable), and for ladies this means the wearing of commensurate attire, often defined as business attire


Members and their guests may not display or exchange business or personal papers in the public spaces of the Clubhouse.

Invitees were instructed via Evite to RSVP with Gandhi's city-paid assistant, but a spokesman says the CFO is paying for this shindig himself.

  • DC Antics

    This man undoubtedly has quite a dossier of information on folks because despite all of the shenanigans at his office, he STILL managed to be reappointed. He is the King of DC. Imagine who'll be there kissing his ring. Shame on DC politicians for this. Zero accountability!

  • mizluvsco

    Aw DC Antics, you're just pissed because you didn't get an evite to kiss the ring.

  • Drez

    Really, Nat?
    Is that how you maintain the public image of the diligent and bookish accountant?

  • DC Antics

    LOL @ Mizluvsco! Not pissed but disgusted. Hopefully the feds were taking pics!

  • iknewthehellbetter

    Trust me...Gandhi will be the last of the bigtime spenders to go down!!!!

  • nowaitadaminit

    DCA: And 'sho you right'. THOSE cameras never sleep.

  • Bebop

    More tacky sliminess

  • Anonymous, Too

    Well, it's a little less tacky than those shindigs that Kwame and Harry used to throw at "LOVE"... but much less amusing. Probably no illicit sex in the restrroms, either.