Loose Lips

Morning Clicks

Michael Brown hunkers down, gets some union endorsements. [Post]

Phil Mendelson wants you to believe in the D.C. Council. [Times]

Kenyan McDuffie wants to put you back to work. [Examiner]

Jack Evans promises extended Metro service if Nats make playoffs, gives no details as to who will pay for it. [Examiner]

Ralph Nader wants a presidential debate in D.C. about D.C. [CD]

  • Murrow

    The only way the public can rust the council is to hire a new one.

    Mendo Cheh and Evans try to deliniate themselves from the hard corruption figures, like K Brown and H Thomas. In return, the former get what they want too.

    This is illustrated best by the new lights on Wisconsin.

    Cheh has no problem with, and doesn't ask her constituents if they want or need it.

    Nor does she have her agency (DDOT) notify. Cheh doesn't mind that David Catania's parent company, MCDEAN, now has three times the lights it can change and bill the city.

    This is corrruption folks. And Mary Cheh and David Catania are as guilty of it as Thomas and Brown.

    Rome is buring.

    We need to throw out Medo, Catania, Cheh and All of them.