Loose Lips

Vincent Orange Strikes a Pose

D.C. Councilmember Vincent Orange attended a recent fundraiser for the Greater Washington Sports Alliance with one of his council staffers Beth Webster. The party featured one of those photobooths that's all the rage at wedding receptions and the like these days. Orange and Webster, who city records show makes $72,000 a year as the director of business and community outreach for Orange's small and local business committee, took a turn in the booth:

Whoa! What is this, a high school prom photo shoot? Says Orange:

Those are pictures from Sneaker Ball IX. It's a fun night with guest from the Nationals, Wizards, Redskins, Capitals etc. presented by the Sports Alliance. The attire is formal wear and sneakers. We get to walk the red carpet, act like movie stars, take crazy pictures in front of the red drapes and play a lot of sporting games. I took pictures with Elizabeth Webster, cheerleaders, Mayor [Vince] Gray, Mayor [Tony] Williams and Joe Theismann to name a few. It's all fun and transparent.

LL could not find any pictures online of Orange posing in a similar fashion with the former Redskins quarterback. LL will convince his bosses to shell out top dollar to anyone who can produce a copy.

The full spread:

  • Drez

    My complaint is with folks who hew to political arguments based on hue and you, Not4theWeak1s, make yourself weaker by doing so.
    Other than that, I'm just having fun with words.

  • mizwillis

    Well! Well!! Well!!!

    A little hew-mility/hew-mor from the Droll Drez.
    So are we, kind sir, so are we.
    What's a little typo between friends????

  • Drez

    No comment. :)

  • Drez

    So, uh, is it just me who reads the body language in those photos and thinks he's way more into her than she is into him?
    Emotionally, I mean.

  • Bob


    You get such "looming questions" from a photo??

    The real looming question is, when did Rupert Murdoch acquire City Paper?

  • Go Delta

    Please stop the madness.. No real story here... If she alleges something... Then... well... Until then.. stop the foolishness. Goofy Pictures, No time to changes poses, obviously his hand is on her arm. Most of you are liars. She's hot no doubt and most of you men couldn't or don't have the confidence to even try to get her, single or not.. Most are probably like the reporter begging for attention or just gay.(One in the same to me) Nothing real here. Though you do have to be careful in that position about your drinking in public,your fun postures or even who you are with in the public.(Although you are truly not responsible for the behavior of others). People like this reporter will always find someone to blame who is probably better off than they are. Too many haters in this world. People in the limelight will always be ridiculed and they chose to be there so they can't bitch when this kind of bullshit story gets published.

  • DCpeoplewhothink

    The most of the married male Councilmembers (Blacks and caucasians), enjoy outside relations because female staffers, along with other areawomen find it appropriate to engage for thier gains with thier bodies.

    However, VO and his staffer both should be shameful of this display that represents disrespect of a married man with a family and living wife.

    Now see that VO as Michael Brown truly like caucasian women, as one cried when he was not selected for Tiempo Pro Chair, and the other is simply down and low.