Loose Lips

Morning Clicks

Who's gonna drive you home? There's a good chance it won't be Michael Brown, who's had his license suspended five times over the past eight years. [Post]

DYRS bragging about shit it's supposed to do. [Times]

Those promised defamation lawsuits against Sulaimon Brown never happened, reminds Colby King. [Post]

Marion Barry hits the town two nights in a row. [Post]

Budget autonomy bill stalled. [Times]

All-or-nothing approach to statehood isn't working, says Pat Mara. [Post]

Post keeps a bright light on tax office bureaucrat's vetting. [Post]

D.C. Vote's Ilir Zherka moving on. [Post]

Gray to start filling boards this week. [Examiner]

  • AntiDCPioneer

    "DYRS bragging about shit it's supposed to do."

    Classy journalistic opinion. Where is the pulitzer?


  • Wait, What?

    I don't know what's more PATHETIC - commenting on a tongue in cheek headline, or doing so with an all caps misspelling. Either way, both are funny!