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  • Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr.

    Mayor Gray has lead the fight for earley childhood education even when he served on the DC Council. He authored the bills that became public law for pre-school education in the District of Columbia at no cost to DC residents. If you live in Maryland, you are paying out of your pocket for Pre-K edcuation. Mayor Gray gets it - an early chilhood education is thre key to shaping and molding productive citizens that can compete against China and Japan in math and science and with a continuing education and good parenting skills can produce US citizens at the forefront of self sufficient energy and technology.

    We also should focus on mandatory parenting classes for teenage mother's and teenage father's who are producing a generation of high school drop-outs with no hope of marriage/family leaving a woman with multiple out of wedlock children that are fatherless and un-married and have no hope other welfare, lack of employment because they can't read or write and the lack of housing because they can't provide for themselves or their family.

    This is a serous problem with the underclass population in America Black or White.