Loose Lips

Morning Clicks

Peter Shapiro plans to run again when Mendo's seat opens up. Sekou Biddle "refused to answer questions" about his plans. [Informer]

Adrian Fenty has nothing to say about federal probe of his former opponent. [Fox5]

Lawyer for Councilmember Michael Brown's former campaign treasurer goes after Brown on Facebook. Brown says his former treasurer should be worried about the law coming after him. [Times]

Post really going deep on city's chief tax appraiser, whose record is a little messy. [Post]

D.C. gangs getting organized. [Examiner]

Jim Graham, Scot [Post]

Mount Pleasant library is open once again. [Post]

  • Green Eyeshade

    Is LL jealous much that WaPo scooped him on flagrant criminal conduct somewhere else in DC's govt?

  • more backers

    Wait...what? Peter Shapiro is going to run again? What's he been doing since the last election? Maybe he should try running for ANC first...or PTA president, or anything.