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Jeff Thompson Looking For Quick Sale on Downtown Office Building

If you're in the market for a great deal on downtown real estate, you may want to give Jeff Thompson a call.

The man in the middle of a federal investigation into an alleged shadow campaign the feds say helped Mayor Vince Gray win the 2010 election is currently selling the crown jewel of his real estate empire: 1025 15th St. NW, a downtown office building only a five minute walk from the White House.

The building is currently home to D.C. Chartered Health, a Medicaid managed care organization that Thompson is also trying to sell. The building's official owner is D.C. Healthcare Systems Inc., which is owned by Thompson. The property's value was assessed at more than $6 million, but its market value is probably close to $9 million, according to one informed estimate.

Guy D'Amecourt of Summit Commercial Real Estate confirmed to LL that he's got the listing for the property, but declined to comment further. A local developer tells LL that shortly before Labor Day, D'Amecourt called looking to see if there was any interest in purchasing it. D'Amecourt told the developer Thompson wanted the property sold by week's end and would take any reasonable offer. "All cash deal, get to closing as fast as possible," is how the developer remembered D'Amecourt explaining his marching orders.

That was more than a week ago, and the property is still on the market. Thompson's criminal defense attorney did not immediately return a request for comment.

As LL noted in his column this week, Thompson's been shedding his assests rather quickly in the months before and after a March raid by federal authorities of Thompson's house and former accounting firm (which Thompson recently sold his stake in).

Here's Google streetview of the 15th Street property:

Photos courtesy of Charles Parsons and Google

  • how bout this?

    All that glitters is not gold.
    Sorry to read all of this.
    Thought JThomp was solvent.
    Sad story when it appears one can't pay legal bills without having to liquidate assets. An even sadder story when one's desperation is spread all across a blog like this one.

    JThomp was an icon to be admired regardless of the mud he's being dragged through. He achieved a lot with his degree from UDC. It is clear he is a very industrious and a very talented man.

    It is also certain he could not have achieved what he achieved without the help of powerful people. That is capitalism. That is what makes the financial world go 'round. Either the despots get it or the politicians get it. To malign this man without maligning his partners in crime is dispicable.

    When Jeanne Clarke Harris said: "Fuck the Candidate", it proved how pervasive the evils of our perverse political democratic system has become. I'm willing to bet it has always been this way.

    But for poor, pathetic Sulaimon Brown, (The new Frank Wills), we would still be in a cloud about how the system really works. Some of us anyway. Jeanne Clarke Harris has been in the game a very long time. Her late husband was a memeber of Walter Washington's kitchen cabinet. Bet she knows how the system works. She just didn't think she could be FWillsed/SBrowned like Nixon and his cohorts were. She's the one who should go to jail. Her statement speaks for itself. Disdain for authority and her sense of entitlement alone should be enough to make her new address become Alderson, West Virginia.

    Wonder if all of those syncophants like Mark, Tony and Reuben would visit her? Now let us pray, because she really needs it.